Who would think that a slightly un-PC nostalgic clip from long ago could so aptly describe life in a lot of ways? No matter what: keep at it, even when someone lights a firecracker in your behind. After getting burned and dealing with the pain, soothe yourself and then laugh. Laugh out loud. Do it again. Several times, if needed.

“Cannons to the left of me/cannons to the right of me/cannons in front of me.” But we keep riding.

Here’s to New York’s local TV channels for introducing me to the Little Rascals in the late 70s. That crazy little old show gave this new arrival to El Bronx some comfort.

One door closes (read more here), but am sure another one will open. The time I had with Al Jazeera America was indeed amazing. The people I have met at “The Stream” have quickly become family to me.

Now it’s time to forge ahead. If you know of any good opportunities for someone of my background, please feel free to let me know here or tweet me @julito77.

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So proud.

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Adios, NBC Latino. Mucho amor. Amazing memories

NBC Latino

As we end 2013, this is a chance to reflect on the work I’ve done with NBC Latino, and the words flow from my head and from my heart.

As someone who has been in the habit of editing and publishing stories quickly for LatinoRebels.com, the chance to dig deeper into some of the more pressing and important topics that resonated with me has been a blessing.  The support we got from the community on these stories shows how important it is to cover these issues, and for that, I am grateful.

So here’s to the stories we have covered, and to the importance of putting them on a national platform.  Here is just a sampling:

  1. Opinion: ¡Basta ya! Enough with the ignorance about U.S. Latinos: When I wrote this piece defending Pitbull (of all people), I knew it would hit a nerve. This column continues to show…

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Where will this go next?

Fred Klonsky


Al Jazeera.

Since December 19, members of Puerto Rico’s teachers union and their supporters have beenprotesting both inside the island’s Senate chamber and outside its Capitol against pension reform legislation advocated by governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. The purpose of the action was to “ensure that the 150 designated [chamber] seats are occupied by teachers,” according to Eva Ayala, a protest leader. In response on Monday, Garcia Padilla warned teachers to desist, saying the Puerto Rican constitution “does not give [teachers] the right to protest.”
Despite García Padilla’s warning, the protests continued Monday, while Puerto Rico’s Senate considers a final vote on the plan. The island’s House of Representatives approved the reform bill over the weekend.

The hashtag #RetiroMaestros (#TeachersRetirement) contains the latest updates, which include reports of three arrests today.

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This still makes me laugh. A lot.

Hey Vato

Smiley and Chuy were interviewed by Latino Rebels to help us spread the word about our fundraising campaign a few moths ago. Click on the link to read the piece written about the show and to see the video interview with Smiley and Chuy. Other videos included in the link as well.


Smiley and Chuy Skype interview on LatinoRebels.com

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