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I love musicals. There, I said it. I love musicals. One of my favorite musicals is “West Side Story.” It’s a Puerto Rican thing. And one of my favorite songs from WSS is “Cool.” You know how it goes: “Boy, boy, crazy boy, Stay cool, boy, Breeze it, buzz it, Easy does it Stay cooly cool boy.” Feel free to hum it as you read this. (PS: I’ve linked it at the end of this blog, enjoy, but promise me to go to it AFTER you read this? Thanks!)

This topic is about “playing it cool” on the Internet. By that, I mean when someone sees what you are doing online and they say “Wow, that’s cool,” instead of “Really? Not cool at all. What were you thinking?”

So, are you ready to “play it cool?”

Cool Rule 1: Always tell the truth about yourself. Social networks are like giant swimming pools. You need to dive in and submerge yourself. Don’t just be on the edge with your toe in the water. Don’t play in the kiddie section. If you are serious about establishing a killer social presence, you have to be prepared to tell the truth about yourself. That is cool. People will know you are cool if you are honest.

Use tools like LinkedIn to establish your professional background. There is a great function on the site that allows you to create a PDF of your resume instantly. Very cool.

Cool Rule 2: Show your face. If not, show something about you. You have to have a profile picture, you have to have a profile picture. Did I mention that you have to have a profile picture? Another very cool thing.

Cool Rule 3: Stop talking all the time about your business opportunity. I get it. Really, I get it. Thanks for sharing for the 200th time. Play it cool. Here’s a novel concept: talk about yourself. What books are your reading? What movies do you like? Do you have a family? What is your favorite hobby? Believe me, NO ONE is going to sign up for your biz opp if you are jamming it down people’s throats. That is so uncool.

Cool Rule 4: Don’t hit Reply All ever. I know sometimes people make mistakes and tend to hit Reply All to a message I might be sending to all my Friends. Even though it is an honest mistake, it is still so uncool. This is what I call “Lazy Lead Building,” that is, you are using the list I have worked so hard to build and just spamming people with a new biz opp. Guess what? Your reputation goes down very quickly if you do this. A huge no-no.

Cool Rule 5: Be kind. Be abundant. Be positive. Be supporting. Be loving. I don’t warm up to negativity. Not many people do. If you are negative person that likes to just criticize everything, social networking might not be for you. I think it’s so cool when I receive incredible positive vibes from my friends. I tried very hard to send out my own vibes on a daily basis. What I receive back is awesome.

So, remember: “Go cat, go, but not like a yo-yo schoolboy. Just play it cool, boy. Real cool.”

Now you can enjoy the song: Cool from West Side Story

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