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June 26 Viva Viernes Lista

Ok, mi gente. Things are TAKING OFF with Viva Viernes, as several Latino marketers and bloggers are starting to spread the Latino love. ¡Gracias mil a todos! Thank you! Please keep spreading the word. We have a chance to make social media history here and be a force on Twitter.

In the meantime, before I share my list, here is this week’s question: What is your favorite Spanish-speaking city in the world? Let us know, either here or on Twitter. ¡Saludos!

And now, la lista:

@balmeras: Ah, Bethe, every time we meet in the stream, you put a smile on my face. Your love of soccer, great music and good vibes is a testament to your amazing personality and soul. You are in adopted sister territory, chica. Thank you for everything.

@georgelopez: Yes, is it THE George Lopez. This comedic genius has done a lot for la raza and we are happy to have him here. Just one thing, George, please collaborate with your fans. We won’t bite, promesa.

@HispanicTips: Just found Tomás this week and I LOVE the content he is posting on Twitter. If you want to know about Latinos and social media, he has offered some great information. ¡Gracias mil!

@jennifervides: Jennifer was one of the first social media types to publicly discuss VivaViernes in a forum. Thank you so much. Keep spreading the amor! FYI, Jennifer also knows her PR and the Latino market. Follow her.

@MsLatina: Because Ms. Latina (her name is Ms. Latina, ¡qué cool!) is Ms. Latina. Incredible passion and energy. Go NYC!

¡Feliz fin de semana, mi gente!

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Hector Lavoe “Mi Gente”

Before I start blogging about #VIvaViernes, this is my song. ¡Me gente!

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Ole, Ole, Ole

Ole Ole Ole Ole

Ok, not the best video in the world, but I just had to add this to my blog in honor of the amazing US 2-0 victory over Spain yesterday. Yesterday proved that even though you don’t have the best talent (Spain is, I mean, was #1 in the FIFA rankings with great players like Xaxi, Fabregas, Torres), if you play hard and AS A TEAM, you can achieve anything.

The US Team proved that guts, determination, collaboration, perseverance (and yes, a little luck) lead to ultimate success. I love this US Team (Altidore, Dempsey, Donovan, Howard, Gooch, Davies, Clark, etc.) and I am so proud of them. They play in a country where soccer is, at best, the 6th most watched sport in the US, but they don’t care and they won.

¡GO USA! Now on to the finals on Sunday.

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