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#FollowFriday List, June 19

Hello, everyone. Before I prepare my bags on a trip to the US Open in New York, I wanted to share my June 19 Follow Friday list with everyone before getting on the Acela tomorrow. If you are at the Open, tweet me up at @julito77. Let’s battle the Tiger crowds together.

The June 19, 2009 Follow Friday List
@vvarela1974: Everyone, this is my sister, Vanessa. She is amazing and makes me look quiet. She is one of the top assistants in the Boston area, and even though she roots for the Celtics and the Yankees (I love the Knicks and Red Sox), we have shared so much together. Besides my wife and my parents, Vanessa (also known as Titi) is my rock.

@DaivRawks: So why should you follow someone who has a ton of followers (over 25K)? Simple reason: because @DaivRawks does Rawk. If there was ever a mentor for me, when I was starting on Twitter, Daiv was the one. He is the perfect example of the true Twitter individual: a collaborator, a positive force, no pretention, no self-promotion, just great tweets. He is the true essence of honesty and transparency: a model for us all.

@jonesdel: Wait a minute, an actual mainstream media journalist who replies to you, connects with you, and is just plain fun? Yes, they do exist, and this USA Today reporter is a testament to how journalists should act on Twitter. Not only does he push out his content, he searches for interesting subjects and gives you props. He is also funny as hell.

@therealginger: Ginger and I started on Twitter around the same thing, so she has a special place in my Twitter stream. She always puts a smile on my face, her musical choices are impeccable, and she is quick to connect with anyone who understands what it is to be a true Tweep.

@naomitrower: Not just because Naomi was at USC when Willie McGinest was there (go Pats!), but because we were together at the start (remember when we all started at zero followers?) and we pushed each other to gain the Twitter confidence we needed. She is also a great soul.

That’s this week’s list. Will post more names next Friday. Thanks!

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Ok, mi gente, ¡espero que todo esté fabuloso! Hope you are having a fabulous time today! This is the 6th week of Viva Viernes and as I expected, the Latinos do not disappoint! We are the original media culture! ¡Así es! Enjoy the video and my list of cool Latweeps & Latweepas for June 19, 2009. ¡Mi gente!

Deben seguir a:/Please follow:
LoudAct_Logo_White@oscars_loudact: Oscar, along with his colleagues at the Loud Act Group, work with me and v5 to spread the word about Fernando Varela as well as other amazing acts, including Dossis, a very cool Latino rock band out of Puerto Rico. You have to listen to them.

@Raul_Ramos: I had the pleasure of meeting Raul a few weeks back and I was so happy to have done so. He is the author of América libre, which has already won several awards and getting great reviews. It is a pleasure to see great Latino literature that actually pertains to the real issues that Latinos are facing in this country. I got my copy and plan to review it next month. So excited! The book comes out on July 29. Support a great Latino author.

@LatinaLeader: Aurelia Flores is da bomb, ¡la bomba! I mean, she has a website called Powerful Latinas Sí, Aurelia, you are one Powerful Latina, and we are better for it. ¡Gracias mil!

@Eldiariony: The best Spanish-language newspaper in NYC (to the 5 boros, NYC!) is on Twitter and they post great content for the Latino community.

@TargetLatino: Claudia is a true Latina marketer. As a fellow Latino marketer, I love to see other consultants and marketers breaking down the barriers and the stereotypes of the Latino community in the US and the world. Claudi posts excellent content about the Latino market. ¡Síguela! Follow her!

That’s this week’s list. ¡Hasta la próxima! Enjoy the Marc Anthony classic.

01 Y Hubo Algien

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Back in the Improv Groove

So, every CEO has a past life, and mine is no different. In the 1990s, I was a proud member of Improv Boston. Back then, we were in the old Back Alley Theatre in Inman Sqaure, a fixture of a neighborhood that was going through its typical gentrification. Quite frankly, it was a blast. We goofed, we laughed, we played in front of hundreds and sometimes in front of one, and we savored every minute of it.

I bring this up, because I truly believe that my improv experience positioned me well for the business world. The principles I learned onstage (always trust, always be honest, always be giving and positive) have served me to know what it is to both succeed AND fail. Improv is not about comedy, it is about collaborating with people, always being open, honest, and transparent. Sound familiar? Sort of like social media.

If it weren’t for improv, I would never be able to speak in front of people. Now, I do it all the time. ABH: Always Be Honest. You will go far.

So, with that said, if you are in Cambridge on August 16, I will be returning to the stage. Here is the link for the event: Improv Boston Alumni Show. This will be the one of many shows, since I am really committed to going back into the lion’s den and honing my skills. This CEO needs it. It’s a jungle out there.

A special thanks goes out to Will Luera: Follow Him on Twitter. Will became Artistic Director of Improv Boston, right after I left for marriage and parenthood. He is a Chicago guy (and Chicano cool!) who is incredibly talented and amazingly positive. He and others have done so much to make ImprovBoston a premier Boston destination. Gracias mil, hermano.

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Here at v5, LLC, we like music, in fact, we love music. That is what happens when you are in the music business. We continue to look for new independent talent that is seriously interested in capitalizing on social media and in how v5 and The v5 Group can brand your band to success. In the meantime, enjoy our latest obsession, so wish we signed these guys way back.

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Viva Viernes, June 12

Ok, mi gente. Y ahora les paso mi lista de Viva Viernes. Remember, VV is a bit different from Follow Friday. You recommend cool Latino people to follow, but don’t forget to add a little mojito to your tweets. Talk about your favorite music, books, Latinos in social media, anything, as long as you add a little alma y cultura to your thoughts.

@adbert: This incredible man from Argentina is the real deal. Not only is he a great DJ, awesome collaborator, funny as hell (ché), he is so genuine and so himself. I love Adrián dearly like a brother, and I am so happy to call him one of my favorite people on Twitter. ¡Messi!
@UnivisionCorp: Wait, an actual major media outlet that actually tweets you back and understands how to act and collaborate on Twitter? ¡Así es! Every Latino Twitterer who is serious about how to understand mainstream media in a social media world, needs to follow Univision.
@efrainortizjr: Just because when he heard about Viva Viernes for the first time, he got really pumped and excited. Put a smile on my face. And he’s NY and PRican, a great combo! ¡Sí, esto es nítido!
@Ali4Coach: Ali is an amazingly positive presence on Twitter, who embodies a strong Latina woman with a wonderful attitude. And she is also a big Fernando Varela fan!
@ergeekgoddess: Elianne was one of the first people who started spread the Viva Viernes love, and I am forever grateful. Also, a great and fun Latina Tweep (a Latweepa???)
@nancymarmolejo: Nancy is a social media queen out of SoCal and you must follow here. She does great things.

Ok, mi gente. ¡Salud!

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Ok, so now that I started this, I now have to continue it. Here is my list for Follow Friday on Twitter, but first a video introduction (glasses = hungover from 40th bday week, which continues at the Cape starting tomorrow)

Here’s is my June 12, 2009 list. All COOL PEOPLE. They always put a smile on my face:
@shandrab: there is something about the amazingly awesome and wicked cool Shandra that just says: you have to follow me, and get out of the way. Not only is she one of the coolest people I have met on Twitter, she is a kick-ass designer.
@mdynamot: Quebec’s coolest mofo, with excellent taste in music and a positive attitude that is infectious. Oh, yeah, he can also kill the French translation thing. A great friend who can help you with those kooky French Canadians, eh?
@FrankDickinson: I met Frank this week and anyone who loves sushi as much as I do must be followed. Way cool.
@zoeyjordan: Known to rabblerouse with aforementioned @shandrab, we share a love of Pearl Jam and Johnny Depp. She also cracks me up all the time in a good way. Rock it.
@holisticmom: Everyone has a Twitter mentor (or two or three), and Andrea was there for me at the very beginning, when I went to “what is this freaky thing called Twitter?” stage to “This is how you target your reach without sacrificing your integrity” stage. I am forever grateful for her early guidance and support.
@vene2ia: We tend to roll with the fabulous @rosehwang when we meet each other in the stream, probably because Yvonne is so damn positive and so in the moment. She inspires me.
@aakomas: Because this Chicago tweep likes good NBA commercials and still feels my NY Knick pain when it comes to Chicago sports.
@theweblady: Because anyone who wants to trash talk with me and keep it going for hours is in! Love the trash talking. But also just love the joy she brings.
@scott_farrell: Ok my Twitter sister (and adopted Varela) @ginidietrich warned me about Scott and his Midwest way. Well, I am so down with Scott. He replies, he collaborates, he mixes it up on Twitter. He earns an A+ in the Cool Tweep Dept.
@nancymyrland: And speaking of the Midwest, this Indy sweetie is a class act. She is so friendly and always interested in my silly things. Yay for her!

That is this week’s list. Many more to come next week. Off to the Cape now for my 3-day party. Definitely be wearing glasses upon my return.

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So happy to report that my amazing brother, Fernando Varela, the Puerto Rican Pavarotti, continues to be top of the charts on iTunes with his rendition of “Por ti volaré.” We are very excited about this and want to thank all the fans who have supported him!

If you have bought this amazing #1 song, and feel you want to shout out Fernando’s amazing talent, visit his iTunes Page and submit one.

Thank you for all your support!

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