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We were thrilled to be a guest on Advisor Blogger, a very cool site founded by Lawain McNeil, dedicated to helping out financial advisors online. We had a blast, and will be on again soon. Hope you like this show:

Our Show on Advisor Blogger

Lawain McNeil has done an amazing job in creating a niche market for advisors.

Lawain McNeil has done an amazing job in creating a niche market for advisors.

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Ok, I am still sad about my Big Papi. And my video pays him a tribute.

Now, on to my list (plus two extras of two brands that SHOULD be engaging more on Twitter, but they don’t). Please follow these great people. Why? Read on.

@heyrobertdavis: Ok, yes, he has a great digital mind, yes, he understands Internet marketing, and yes, he is one of the most sincere and authentic people I know in the business world. But add the fact that Robert Davis also lives in Milton, MA with me and many others, and you too will understand why you must follow him.

@FelixWetzel: I just started following Felix and you know why? Because I asked a question this morning and he responded and dove right in. We have a few good tweets back and forth and I already know that he has the right Twiitertude. Welcome!

@jdaze: Joey, Joey, Joey, you have one of the funniest shows on the Internet and you do a lot to promote music. Me and Fernando Varela will never forget the show he did with you a while back. So much fun, such great memories. You can say that you knew him when and when we are out in Los Angeles, you will ALWAYS get the first interview.

@beebow: Lauren is what social media is all about. She is amazingly positive, supportive, and presents very valuable content that helps you out. I find her incredibly cool and incredibly interesting.

@GeekWearsPrada: First of all, I have always LOVED her handle. Cyn is a true spirit, willing to converse and also very willing to help. Give, give, give, and Cyn does it all the time. Also NASCAR, Harley Driver, and Miami? Nice! Very nice!

Now, on to two profiles that SHOULD be engaging more:

@weeisports: Guys, you have the highest-rated talk shows in the Boston area, you have one of the biggest sports stories in the history of Boston sports and all you do on Twitter is post and not engage. Come on, your format is MADE for Twitter. Jump in!

@WFNX: You have the coolest alternative station in the country, you have always embraced the independent spirit and yet, when Twitter comes around, you never hit the @button. Please engage. Please?

Have a great weekend!

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First, a moment for Big Papi. ¡Qué triste!

Ok, now here is my list for Viva Viernes. ¡Que tengan un bello fin de semana! Happy weekend!

@spanglishbaby: Ana and her company can help parents out there who wants to create a bilingual environment for their children. She also loves to engage with people and besides, she has an awesome Twitter handle!

@idaconcpts: Damian is one cool dude, and he knows his web analytics. In fact, this is one papi who knows how to kick it and yes, he is also one very serious engager on Twitter.

@ManuelGutierrez: I just got to know Manuel the last few weeks and I am so happy that I did. Miami-based and one cool giver. He gets it. Follow him.

@vmramos: Victor covers Latino affairs for the Orlando Sentinel and as a former journalist, I have to give him props for the issues he covers. If you like to follow Latino issues, follow Victor.

@reformanet: A very cool profile that promotes Library and Information Services to Latinos. I am a huge fan and supporter of literacy and education, and if you agree, follow this profile.


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