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Ok mi gente, will be heading to the playa for two weeks. Wish it were Puerto Rico, but it’s Maine, the beaches are great, even though the water is cold!

Here is my Viva Viernes List for July 17. ¡Que la gocen!

@theonlinemom: I had the pleasure of meeting a new Twitter friend this week, and you should too! We converse in both English and Spanish, and her content is awesome. Every Wednesday at 1pm EST, search #theonlinemom for some great Tech Tips you can share with your kids.

@ElViejon: Ok, this West Coast Cat is the real deal. First of all, he has one of the best Twitter avatars I have seen. Love the image. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt that he is one amazing Latino who is hip and keeps me young, even though he is called El Viejón. What irony!

@CindyOlivera: Not only because Cindy knows her PR stuff, but also because we share of love or karoake and angry Juanes Break Up songs like this one: La camisa negra

@Boriken: Hey, because here you can celebrate Puerto Rico, my homeland, my pearl, mi isla del encanto. One of the best Twitter profiles to promote Puerto Rico.

@monitalan: Because Mónica gets Viva Viernes, not only are you connecting with people, but you are also offering good content that we value. ¡Viva Mónica!

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Ok, guys, before the family heads out to Maine (we are going here: Wells, ME), just wanted to shout out my Follow Friday Twitter list for July 17. Enjoy!

@holdemtalkradio: Jaime is a FORCE OF NATURE. You cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him. His LA-based radio show on LA Talk Radio plays during the drive time (8 pm PST) in Los Angeles. Don’t let the show fool you, Jamie is a sweetheart of a guy, a huge sports fan, a gentle soul with passion, integrity and drive. His energy is infectious (and so are his tweets!) and he is a true soul. Mark my words: Jamie is the next big thing on talk radio. You heard it here, folks. Can’t wait to be on his show in August.

@1sweetwhirl: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, my Boston Twitter experience would truly suffer without you. I just love when you show up in my stream and we dissect the Red Sox and share our crazed passion for the Nation and other content. I do plan to arrange that marriage to Wally for you.

@unmarketing: Scott is the man, simple as that. He is the perfect example of a social media engager, and it doesn’t hurt that he has an amazing attitude and soul. Scott exemplifies the code we should all follow on Twitter: we all started at zero once, and we should never forget that even with all the numbers we gain, we are still all the same here and we should all take the time to get to know our followers and just hit that @ button all the time. Scott, thank you, for being so damn cool.

@mdouble: Marvin was one of the first people I truly connected here on Twitter when I was starting at zero and I am so happy to have him as part of my Twitter life. His cartoons are quirky, his insight amazing, he offers great content all the time, and he is so nice and so funny. I am happy to call him a true Twitter friend.

@pilariglesias: Ok, first of all, Pilar is one of my favorite names in the whole world. Next, she is so cool and a great engager. And finally, her bio says “slinky internationalist.” Come on! So creative. As a writer, when I see a phrase like that, I have to applaud it and celebrate it.

By the way, did you know that three of my Twitter recs this week are based in Canada? Canada and Twitter: perfect together.

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All Hail Sir Paul

We love him, love him, love him. What can company learn for Sir Paul McCartney? Find you passion, work it hard, and you will succeed.

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Always be creative and innovation follows. What a goal!

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Unless you truly live under a rock, everyone knows that Twitter is smoking, Facebook (damn, I graduated 15 years earlier from Harvard) is on fire, and LinkedIn is a great tool for professional networking. No argument here: social media sites are becoming a major strategy for brands and businesses.

So as we go beyond the basics of social media and everyone rushes to set up their online presences, the issues of how to manage these sites and how to stay focused on the end objective (yes, in the end, everyone needs an objective to social media) are starting to creep up. Our clients constantly ask us: How do we take these amazing tools and prioritize them? How do we capitalize on these tools to get a return on our social media efforts?

Well, when they ask, we always bring up the Social Media Trifecta. In short, use all three: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But, and here is the most important thing, use the tools for different purposes and audiences.

1. Twitter is the World’s Largest Bar

Remember Norm from Cheers?

When you are on Twitter, you are Norm. You are entering the world’s largest bar. Simple as that. At that world’s largest bar, you will have some friends, like Cliff and Sam. You will meet some strangers and make friends. You will see some drunken idiots who annoy you (like spammers and people who just talk garbage), and you will meet people who need your help. At this bar, you talk about anything, some personal, some business, some humor, something in common, anything, whether trivial or not. At the World’s Largest Bar, you can be yourself. In fact, you SHOULD be yourself. Feel free to relax, chat with Woody, have a beer with friends, or whatever.

2. Facebook is Your Home

We ask clients all the time: Who do you invite into your home? Do you invite EVERYONE from the bar (i.e., Twitter)? Now, we all know what would happen if EVERYONE from the bar showed up at your home. Not something you would actually be psyched about. So, when you are on Facebook and forming your Fan Pages, keep the image of your home in mind. On Facebook, you can be more transparent and more comfortable, just like when you are in your home. This is a place where you can truly connect with your guests (your customers). Invite the people you want to invite to your home, and protect yourself. Facebook is not Twitter, it adds more value that is richer for your brand. Don’t ever forget that.

3. LinkedIn is Your Office, Resume, Business Card

Keep Facebook and Twitter away from your LinkedIn, keep it very far away. Why? Because no matter how much you feel about transparency and social media (and believe me, we believe that the more transparent you are, the better, but that is what, like less than 5% of all online brands?), traditional business and traditional business practice are still the mainstream. Use the tools that LinkedIn provides you to keep your resume current, your recent business accomplishments available, and make the best business case for yourself. We always show clients our LinkedIn Profile as a good example.

So, in short, when you dive into Social Media and use The Big Three, try to keep the image of Twitter as the Bar, Facebook as Your Home, and LinkedIn as Your Office. Hopefully, that will help you when it comes to targeting the objectives of each tool.

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Sweet Caroline

We loved tradition, and it doesn’t get any better than this, the middle of the 8th inning at Fenway Park. Yes, my brother Fernando sings better than I do.

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Hola, mi gente. Here is my Viva Viernes list for el 10 de julio. Mi hija cumple 9 hoy. Wow. Wow. Wow. ¡Abrazos!

Yo, @julito77 recomiendo a:

@Schedulicity: I am so happy that I have a new “socia” in the Viva Viernes effort. The moment this amazing Tweep showed up in my stream, Viva Viernes got a little bit better. BTW, check out their scheduling software. ¡Muy cool!

@blogadera: If you are a Latino blogger, then you MUST connect with Blogadera. Hey, they now post a real-time Viva Viernes stream. ¡Fabuloso!

@ccolmenar: I follow Cathy because she offers great value to my stream and also has an amazing background and represents the Latina pride! Also, from San Antonio, my favorite city.

@josieinthecity: Another strong Latina who is from NYC. Hey, that is all I need. Keep it up, you Media Maven! Love your tweets.

@synbad: Because this TWIXICANO (loves it!) knows his music, has a cool vibe, and I know he can totally outrhyme me, so it’s just best to follow him. ¡México!

¡Feliz fin de semana!

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