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Ok, mi gente. It’s another VivaViernes. For those that are new to this, remember that VivaViernes is not just recommending people to follow, it’s about sharing culture, thoughts, interests, anything. Yes, it’s Latino style, but it doesn’t mean that we limit to just Latinos. In fact, the bigger the better! So come and hang out with us each Friday and see what it’s a bit different with Viva Viernes.

Les paso mi lista de hoy:

@JuanTornoe: hey gotta give up the props to Juan and @LouisPagan and @NancyPerez and @anarc for getting the ball rolling with LATISM = Latinos in Social Media event last night. It was a great idea, and looking forward to seeing how the conferences turn out. We at v5 would love to support it. You should too!

@ChicMom: because anyone from NY is down with me, and because she always tells me I have good choice in music. Hey, just spreading the message of Lavoe and Blades and Guerra and all the cool salsa that is out there. ¡Azúcar!

@joegomezruiz: yo, I am down with Austin and down with fútbol and my bro Joe knows his fútbol and Austin. Also, excellent taste in music. Great guy.

@junloayza: Jun has a great site in Viralogy and to this day is one of the most authentic Twitter guys I know. His pages produce great content and I love how he engages.

@mariasantana: María is based in NYC and I have just gotten to know her, but I love her vibe and how she engages with people. And yeah, liking Maná doesn’t hurt you with me.

¡Que tengan un bello fin de semana!

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Follow Friday July 24

Hey, everyone. It’s raining in Maine, but I would rather be on the beach than working. It has been a fun week on Twitter, starting with the British Open Twittercast, to the awesome Latism: Latinos in Social Media Twitter event on Thursday.

Now it’s time for my FollowFriday five. This is why I follow these people:

@chrisbrogan: Chris is a force in Social Media because he is who he is. He is himself and is one of the nicest guys on there. He is the true definition of how to be yourself on Social Media to gain authentic attraction. Doesn’t hurt that he is based in Boston, too.

@workingmoms: Ok, I met Ann Marie and Anessa this week and I was thrilled to have done so. I love fun, social people who are positive, interesting, and want to meet more people, no matter how many followers they have. So you have to follow these “single moms who are making a living working online.” You won’t disappointed.

@goaskkatie: Ah, Katie, you were one of my first friends on Twitter and I am so better the person because of it. You are an amazing soul with the best heart and you inspire me.

@gtiadvisors: Greg came into my stream Sunday during the British Open, and it has been a pleasure to meet him and get to know him. He is being himself on Twitter and I have enjoyed his company and friendship this week. Follow this cool cool man.

@retroplustees: Bill and his tees are wicked pissa cool (that is compliment), and his Twitter style works very well with me: humor, authenticity, troublemaker—just like me.

Have great weekend!

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We are thrilled to be part of the Viva Viernes love on Blogadera, a premier Latino Blog Directory. Blogadera now offers a very cool real-time update for Viva Viernes every Viernes at:

Viva Viernes Latino Directory

Click on the link above and watch Viva Viernes in real time. ¡Gracias mil, Blogadera!

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