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Ok, guys first all, since I cannot do video today, let’s start Viva Viernes (a bit different from Follow Friday, think FF but with a bit more Mojito and Cultura) off with a classic old school song that I love (and Shakira, why did you steal this sample and claim it your own?):

Also, don’t forget to shout out your favorite Latino bloggers on Twitter and subscribe to them!

Here is my list for Viva Viernes, 21 de agosto:

@RamonBNuezJr: Why do I follow Ramón? Because I love his profile: a social media evangelist who wants to be a strategist. Ramón, you are doing just fine, and any company would be thrilled to have you direct a social media account. You know your stuff, hermano.

@LatISM: Latism = Latinos in Social Media. If you are a Latino social mediaphile, you HAVE to follow and connect with this profile. There are some big things happening in the fall, and I applaud their efforts. It is a ton of work, but they are doing it! ¡VIVA LATISM!

@BKLYNBIZ: Poor Yvonne, a Brooklyn girl on the West Coast. Fight the power! I always love to hear from you. You are a great soul and one of my Twitter favs.

@LatinMami: Mónica is doing it right on Twitter. A Latina business owner who promotes her biz online, but first is herself, then talks about her biz. Yes!

@carogonza: I follow Carolyn because she has a great avatar, is a Tica, and has a cool vibe. Yeah, even though I root for the US Soccer Team. ¡Viva Costa Rica!

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Hey, guys

Today was a crazy, fun day. I taught Star Wars Camp to 22 boys under 8 this week and it was fun, although challenging. I’ll take all-day meetings over that, but it is over, and in the end, the boys had a blast. So, no video today, since I am also getting ready for my daughter’s Annie debut tonight in her premiere play! So exciting.

Here is the Follow Friday list and my recommendations:

@activate: I have probably already recommended Jim Delaney and his amazing sports marketing company in Boston, but since he is the second father to my children, he gets another rec. Jim is awesome, savvy, and knows his sports marketing. I do this so I can keep getting good seats to sporting events.

@PaulSegreto: I met Paul through my Chicago sister and adopted Varela, Gini Dietrich. Paul loves his baseball, and he just loves to have a good time on Twitter. Have always loved his vibe.

@retroplustees: Yeah, I have this thing with t-shirt companies, like RizzoTees, another adopted Varela, and this is cool. The Retro Plus is another brother from another mother. Please follow. You won’t be disappointed.

@shashmc: The moment she said that my Spam Police idea was a cool one, I said, done, you get a recommendation today. Yay!

@luiserpa : I love Brazil, and I love Brazilians. I want to be Brazilian. I want to be Luis. A great guy, so cool. And yes, I met him in person through Gini Dietrich. See a pattern here?

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Everyone, and we mean, EVERYONE, is pushing social media on the Internet. Not a day goes by where we don’t receive a link or a message saying that “Yes, social media is here, and we can help.” There is a ton of noise out there, and for the organization or brand that really wants to play in social media, it can be quite confusing. So, what do you do?

Keep these five questions in mind, if you are seriously considering outsourcing your social media campaign:

1. Where are the results? Everyone can tell you that they are successful with social media, but most people cannot back it up with real data. Ask your potential vendors to show the facts: prove how they have driven traffic to a specific site or have increased a client’s product sales.

2. Do you have the resources? Social media is not an automated tool, as much as many tell you that it can be. You still need resources and people time to manage the updates and tweets, engage with customers. We do not recommend 100% reliance on automated tools. Anyone who tells you that is just selling you a sham. Social media is about people engaging other people. For that to happen, your campaign needs people to work it.

3. Do you have the experience? This kind of goes with question 1, but always look for a vendor that has business experience and understands that in the end, a social media campaign is a business venture. Sure, social media can be fun and quirky, when you are out there engaging with people, but be wary of the vendor that gives you a fun and quirky presentation, as if social media were a birthday party with clowns.

4. How authentic are you? Ask your vendors to show you examples of how they would post for you. Force them to do a live demo with their social media accounts. See them “work the room” in real time.

5. I am going to Google you, ok? Vet your vendors. Check them out on Google. For Twitter accounts, check out their grades at Twitter Grader. Look at places like TwitBlock to see if your vendors have good reputations online.

Here at v5, we always show our clients how we are doing in real time. We let our experience speak for itself. We never overhype or overpromise. Social media is a marathon. You need resources and you need dedication. The quick fix won’t work. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest.

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