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Saludos, mi gente. Hope you like the video. Don’t forget about LATISM NY = Latinos in Social Media next week!


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Ok, everyone. We are going way back on the Twitter Time Machine today and bringing pack the Original Twitter Posse, in honor of a new book by The Fabulous Adrian Dayton.

I hope that video showed you why EVERYONE on Twitter (except for spammy accounts) should follow:


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How to Truly Invest in Twitter

September is here and for Twitter, it seems like there are more and more ridiculous links that promise users to “get your Twitter profile on steroids” and run it on “auto-pilot.” As Twitter grows (it is growing and growing and growing), there are more and more new users who come in and think that this is easy stuff. Pay for a service, auto-pilot my Twitter profile, get a lot of follows, and I will be a Twitter star!

We are to here to say this and say it bluntly: If you think Twitter is all about auto-pilot and auto-responding, you are WRONG. That Internet mentality of being automatic for businesses and opportunities, is dare we say, so 2006. In order to thrive on Twitter, you need to grow organically and with purpose. You (or your social media group) needs to put in the time on a consistent basis. You need to work the largest room in the world. You need log the hours and resources. And guess what, you won’t get results instantly. It will take time, but if you do it naturally, if you connect authentically, if you truly want to engage with your customers, you WILL get there.

What do we mean by “growing organically and with purpose?” Here it is, broken down for you:

1. Grow organically: begin your Twitter follows with things that matter to you. What are your interests? Where are you from? How do you connect?
2. Go out and introduce yourself, no matter to whom or to what. Take charge of your experience here. Work it.
3. What is your purpose or objective here on Twitter? Always stay on that objective. Always. Never stray from it. Find your niche and attack it.

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