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First of all, I cannot control the Boston wind and I really want to do this outside, which I did. Sorry for the wind!

Besides the fact that will be making a shameless plug for one of my company divisions in this video, I wish you all a happy Follow Friday and here is the list of people I mention in this video:

@ChicagoDiane: because she lives in Chicago and her name is Diane
@BobWarren: oh dear, this guy is a FORCE OF NATURE, and a blast!
@Johnny2004: a new friend from one of my favorite places in the world, the Dominican Republic
@GoAskKatie: an amazing soul and one of my first true online friends

AND NOW THE SHAMELESS PLUG: @v5ThomasCookLVI: because it is my company and I have to follow my company

Also mentioned: #BanNFL, @adriandayton, @heyclay, and @taylormills for spreading the word about the twittercasting of NFL games.

And honorable mentions go to:

@ginidietrich: my #1 Draft Prick, the Franchise, the Star of Twitter, amazing, amazing, amazing
@sambroberg: welcome, Sam, to v5!

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Ok, mi gente, first of all it was WINDY in Boston today and I apologize for the wind (damn you, weather!) but I really wanted to do the video outside.

Hope you are having a great Viva Viernes. Here is the list of people I am following today in the video:

@frankienegron: cool singer awesome Twitter vibe
@beinglatino: because Being Latino is a social media movement
@JohnLeguizamo: because he is one of my favorite actors ever and I love his funny tweets
@AmericanLatina: because she always engages and go DC!
@John_Rivera: because my man loves his old school music, I mean, the REAL old school music

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We love Lance Ríos and Being Latino. We really do. You know why? Because Lance has created an amazing group on Facebook called Being Latino that is one of the most active and engaging groups we have ever seen (17K followers are growing, and people actually engage here). Being Latino is a daily stop for v5. We love the content and the comments.

We are amazed by the interaction and you know why? Because all Lance does is get the conversation going. He asks questions, focuses on topics, and invites people to participate. Lance is a social media rockstah, not because he spends his time preaching about the values of social media, but because he just DOES, dives in, works hard, stays honest and humble, and most importantly: helps other people so those people can shine.


So, we are honored, incredibly honored to be on the Being Latino blog this morning with: #VivaViernes: How One Tweet Can Start a Movement. On this amazing Friday, we want to say GRACIAS to Lance and Being Latino. ¡Ustedes son increíbles! You are incredible!

Gracias mil. A thousand thanks.

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