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It was a great week for VivaViernes! Go VivaViernes! Go Latism (Latinos in Social Media)!


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Here is my Follow Friday video for September 4 and below are the people I mention:


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Reason #300 why we absolutely love and think Twitter is the most powerful communication tool out there, a place where each individual and brand can create their own universe. So that is we love the The Katnip Awards.

Say hi to Kat

Say hi to Kat

We love Kat for several reasons (Boston, fun, engaging, cracks us up), but you have to give her credit for taking the time to make Follow Friday even more fun and valuable with her weekly The Katnip Awards. (BTW, she thinks we’re cool. Shh, don’t tell her that people like Gini and Amy think we’re dorks. Shh.)

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A huge thank you to James Andrews for his Fast Company blog that gives a huge shout out to VivaViernes on Twitter. We are so honored to be labeled a “Thought DJ.” We’ll try to keep spinning the thoughts, James! ¡Gracias mil!


From Fast Company

¡Que viva viernes!

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BOSTON, MA AUGUST 31, 2009: v5, LLC, a premier online marketing, publishing, and social media services company, announced today the hiring of industry icon Bill Ganz as the company’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO).

“Google Bill Ganz right now,” said Julio Ricardo Varela, v5’s CEO, “You will see why we are so thrilled. His experience, savvy, and expert knowledge of social media will make an incredible addition to our services.”

In response by clients to provide top-level strategic thinking to their campaigns, v5 created the position of a CXO and then actively sought the one person who would be more than qualified to fill it.

Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities in branding through media, Mr. Ganz has an impressive resume that is unrivaled. With more than 25 years of media experiencing, producing events for luminaries such as Tony Robbins and companies like Disney, Clear Channel, and Sony, Mr. Ganz has created award-winning campaigns that have capitalized on the power of the Internet. In addition, Mr. Ganz has become “results-oriented” social media dynamo, who has delivered for his clients.

Bill Ganz (left) with Tony Robbins

Bill Ganz (left) with Tony Robbins

“We love Bill Ganz for one simple reason. Unlike others who spend hours and hours lecturing about the power of social media, Bill Ganz works social media and understands the efforts needed to successfully produce winning campaigns for brands,” said Mr. Varela.

In his capacity, Mr. Ganz will craft all of v5’s client campaigns in social media, utilizing his talents as a content producer and deliverer to ensure that v5’s clients truly engage and connect with their customers.

“We tell our clients that social media is all about the two-way interaction and relationship with their customer base. Bill Ganz understands that, more than anyone else I know. We are so happy to have him,” said Mr. Varela.

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