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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Publish is very pleased to have worked with AARTPACK and Green Comma to provide free interactive digital lessons celebrating the accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayor.

These lessons, in both English and Spanish, cover several curriculum areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science) and offer two levels of instruction. They are whiteboard-ready and online.

To access the lessons, go to this link: Sonia Sotomayor Lessons

We are honored to be part of this collaboration.

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Twitter Night Football

So, we took at stab at trying to “twittercast” the exciting Patriots/Bills game. Yes, it was me and @AdrianDayton who went to the game tonight. Adrian had some business in the Boston area, and he was able to get two tickets. Our highlights and lowlights here:

1. We were in the upper section, also known as Nosebleed Heaven. We were with a lot of Bills fans, which made Adrian happy, but not me.

2. Before the game, we took pictures, posted tweets, and set the atmosphere. We were ready.

3. It started off well. Yes, we offered play-by-play and even though we were expecting that most of our stream would be like, “Yo, stop tweeting every 30 seconds about the game,” we were pleasantly surprised to get tweets like these:

“@julito77 haha, bueno. you and @adriandayton did an awesome job tonight with the play by play.”
“catching up on football updates thanks to @julito77. obrigado meu caro! (:” (I think that is something good in Portuguese.)
“@julito77 thank you for the tweets, DVR is not letting me watch live mode, so your play by play is very helpful :)”
“@julito77 I am so very proud of you tweetcasting #NFL! You are wonderful guy!!”
“@julito77 what’s the score!?”
“@julito77 Tempted to share these updates with me neighbors on the plane. I’m sure the NFL would love that.”

I know Adrian got other tweets in this stream that basically said that people appreciated the value we brought to them. And also, we actually LOVED the fact that there were several TV timeouts, so it gave us time to pause and organize some of our tweets.

4. All of a sudden, and this happened two times, we lost cell phone service. We thought that it was a bit weird, I mean, we were in a packed stadium with several towers and satellites. But for 15 minutes in the first half and about 30 minutes in the second half, when the Patriots came back, we couldn’t tweet. Hmmh… But we thank ALL our Twitter friends for letting others know, especially major thanks to @justinthesouth.

5. We had fun, and we don’t think we killed the machine that is the NFL. We might have offered some value to about 20 people on Twitter, while the NFL broadcast reached millions. Our point, we enjoyed doing this, we joked around, made comments about some very annoying Bills fans, noticed some crazy guy wearing a New England shirt AND a Yankee cap (hello?), and tried to give a little color to our Twitter streams.

The night was a blast. And isn’t that what Twitter is all about? Just connecting with your friends online and sharing things? We think so.

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VivaViernes on 9/11

Hola, mi gente, today we are rolling with VivaViernes a little bit differently. In honor of the 8th anniversary of 9/11, we want to take a moment and ask you: what do you appreciate that is right in front of row? Life is so fickle, and what keeps you going. Para nosotros: familia, amigos, y nuestrros hermanos latinos. Our family, friends, and Latino brothers and sisters. Take a moment here and let us know?


And don’t forget about Latism NYC Event on October 1-2. We plan to be there on the 2nd!

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