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As we complete our first year of using social media to promote Fernando Varela and his amazing talent, we are thrilled to have just found out that v5 has been nominated by Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) for “Best Hispanic FL Marketing/PR Firm Using Social Media.”

First of all, just to be nominated is amazing. We started this company a year ago, with the sole purpose of sharing Fernando’s talent to the Internet and we knew that social media was the best strategy for us. We dove in and went for it. Yeah, some days were crazy and confusing, and there were other times when we just wanted to take a break (yup, this social media work takes time), but we are so glad we stayed the course. Our experience in social media not only increased the awareness of Fernando’s amazing music, but the people we have met in this journey have been the greatest part of all this. And now, we are expanding our experience in social media and doing to same for other brands that we did for Fernando.

And as we grew and became more familiar with social media, we were blessed to be associated with LATISM and all that they do. And now this? Thank you to all the LATISM members who nominated us, and we are honored.


If you would like to vote for us, here is the link: Vote For LATISM Awards. We would appreciate your support.

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¡Hola, mi gente! We have been thrilled by the amazing support we have been getting about all the things we are doing at v5 and the last two weeks have been quite momentous for us. We have formed stronger bonds with dear LATism friends, met new friends, and in the meantime, tried to have some fun and enjoy our social media experience. The CNN Latino issue won’t go away, and even places like AdAge are writing about it. Check this very interesting piece we just got in our comment stream: Latino America: Much to Be Desired

So, yes, this is proof that social media has power to keep issues alive and relevant. We have noticed a surge in this blog, and we get excited about it just because of this: you have taken the time from your online experience to share a part of our v5 universe. Sure, that universe is special to us, and as we tell everyone: social media is all about creating your own universe. YOU are the leader of that universe. YOU are its evangelist. YOU are its promoter. YOU are its believer. If you create a universe where you can truly reflect who you are as a person and authentically connect with other universes out there, imagine the power. I mean, we are talking incredible power.

Enjoy your Viva Viernes, and never forget, YOU can dictate your social media experience and achieve great things through consistency, dedication, honesty, support, collaboration, and the innate desire we all have to help others.

I leave you with this story: Someone asked me this week, “What tools did you use to get a #1 ranking on Google with your Latino Success Stories blog?” I just looked at the person and said: “Hard work.” Yes, social media IS hard work, but the benefits you get from the countless hours you put into it (especially if you are a business trying to think a little bit differently) are priceless.

¡Feliz VivaViernes!

¡Vamos, Héctor, a tocar!

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If you know me, if you truly know me, then you know I am a huge soccer fan, and I believe that the Premier League is the best soccer in the world, and my beloved Arsenal the best team (well, when they don’t frustrate me). Well, this week the Gunners take on the dreaded Spurs in a match that makes Yankees-Red Sox look like a tea party. In honor of this match (and we expect great things from the lads this weekend), we are recommending our 5 Best Arsenal Supporters we follow in Twitter, because when Arsenal is playing, Twitter is the most fantastic place to follow the best soccer team in the world.



twitterProfilePhoto_bigger @SampaDee: My man from Zambia (how cool is that? hello, social media) is one of the best Arsenal “twittercasters” on the Internet. He is always there to support the team and share updates with people, and yes, he is also an amazing soul.

twitterpic_bigger @manipillai: Mani is a London dynamo who loves her Gooners, and she loves to keep this Yank posted on the London perspective on Arsenal. I love it whenever she reminds me about game sometimes (I mean, Carling Cup?). Thank you, my dear friend.

twitter_pic_bigger @arsenole: one of the BEST blogs I have ever read about Arsenal. He’s 22. He lives in Florida. He worships Cesc and is trying to marry Miley Cyrus. Some excellent commentary and honest humor.

DSC_00004_bigger @themib: Ah, Martin. Your love of the Gunners is pure love-hate. You crack me up with your analysis and wit when it comes to dissecting the team. Martin also posts some great Twitter content when there is no game.

arsenal_bigger @arsenalreview: Another FANTASTIC fan blog from London. I always get excellent updates from this site and oh, yeah, the person who runs it, is one cool dude as well.

And we leave you with this, “If You Hate Tottenham, Stand Up!”

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