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Today, we continue #VivaViernes by thanking ALL the incredible LATISM members and friends who helped us get our blog, Latino Success Stories to the top (yes, the top) of Google rankings for the keywords “Latino success stories.” We are absolutely thrilled by the amazing stories posted there, and as a token of out thanks, we would like give out a huge “VivaViernes” shout out to the following two people, who sparked the idea that led us to write the blog post:


@antoniocapo, for starting it all by asking in a simple tweet, hey, we should do something about this. See it here: We Need Positive Stories

@MichaelaKocon, for her passion and pushing the conversation on this week. I mean, she RT’d my blog like 40 times the first night it came out!

And then we must thank:

@LATism, for their unwavering support, friendship, and love.

And to

@cafecitobogota, for being a true “tocayo” and for adding more comments to our blog post than me!

And to all the other amazing people who have visited Latino Success Stories and have shared so many great stories, please go and read them on the blog post.

We say to all of you: ¡Que viva Viernes! ¡Que vivan los Latinos de Estados Unidos y del resto de América Latina! We can tell our stories (in both languages) and shout them out through our status updates, our tweets, our blogs, and out comments.

We don’t need the mainstream media. We have each other and we have our stories.


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This blog is a simple one. In response to tonight’s broadcast of Latino in America on CNN, a few of the Latism members on Twitter wanted to create a forum where REAL success stories about the Latino experience are recorded and shared. So, let’s do it.


Take a moment below to share YOUR success story as a Latino living in America. Just comment below, and tell us a bit about yourself. Let’s get these stories out there and try to change the mainstream media’s perceptions about US Latinos, especially those US Latinos who are leading the charge on social media.

Here is my story: born in Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican dad and an American mom. Child of divorce, moved to the Bronx when I was 7. Have a very large family from many marriages. Instead of hanging out in the Bronx, saw value in hard work and education. Worked hard and got into Harvard. Worked to pay my loans. Became a bilingual editor, publisher and marketer. Wrote sports for the Boston Globe and became a VP at a major publishing company in the US. I now run my own family business, promoting my amazing brother, Fernando Varela, while also helping clients with social media and with publishing pograms. A proud bilingual, bicultural US Latino. ¡Viva Latism!

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v5, LLC, a premier online marketing and social media company founded by Julio Ricardo Varela and the exclusive online marketer of www.fernandovarela.com, has secured 1,000 free tickets to the October 22 UFL game at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL between the Florida Tuskers and the California Redwoods. Here is information about the game from the UFL’s official site:


Game Day Information

In Week 3’s match-up, the number one team in the league, the Florida Tuskers, lead by head coach Jim Haslett, are taking on Dennis Green’s California Redwoods. Last week, Florida’s QB Brooks Bollinger went 26 for 36 with 310 passing yards in Florida’s domination of the Las Vegas Locos. California’s QB Mike McMahon had a good showing in his game against the New York Sentinels, having 157 total yards.  This week, we will see if Haslett’s 2-0 Tuskers will continue their league domination or if Green’s Redwoods will be able to stop them in their place. Tune in to Versus at 7:00 PM ET to see all the great plays.

This game will be televised nationally by Versus. If you are interested in joining us, do the following:

1. Follow us on Twitter at this link: @julito77

or comment on this blog.

2. Send us a direct message saying you are interested in tickets. There is no limit on the tickets you want.

3. We will DM you back with details on how to pick up your free tickets at the WILL CALL booth at the Citrus Bowl.

That’s it. Get your free ticktets now!



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This podcast link Choosing the Right Social Network from the fabulous Adrian Dayton presents some really great information about How to Choose the Right Social Network. Stay focused and don’t be on every social network. Focus on just a few and work them well.


v5 (@julito77) gets mentioned about 11 minutes into the show. We will take it. Thanks, Adrian!

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This from Fernando Varela and his Facebook event site: Orlando Magic Charity Event

“Come out and support us as we perform and raise funds for charity during halftime at the Orlando Magic game on November 18th, 2009.

Last year I got to sing the National Anthem for the Magic and I thought I was on cloud nine because those of you that know me, know that I have been a HUGE fan since day one.

Well, this year I have been working with a charity called Vision Unity (www.visionunity.org). One of the programs I am directly involved in provides financial support and world class musical training to highly talented, underprivileged children. The Magic were looking for some charities to work with during the season and long story short, they chose our charity as one of the lucky few!

So, we will be producing the Halftime Show where we will showcase some of the young children that we have been working with. The show is called “Believe” – You like the Magic theme, right? It will reinforce the idea that these young talented kids could one day become world class professional when given the opportunity, the proper training and a strong belief in themselves. We will be incorporating many different musical genres and it promises to be a fun, fast paced show.

How can you help?

The Orlando Magic have given us a block of tickets and they are donating all of the proceeds to Vision Unity (www.visionunity.org). We have phenomenal seats in sections 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, & 207. The face value of these tickets are $30 but we are selling them for $25.

So for $25 you can see All Star Caliber Basketball, a Killer Halftime show featuring yours truly, and support a wonderful cause that will help keep the arts alive in Central Florida.

If you are unable to come or already have season tickets, you can still help. You can purchase a ticket and it will be donated to a child from Boys Town (www.boystown.org), who would otherwise not be able to afford to go. Boys Town takes in children who are in some of the worst living situations. In a nutshell, they take the children that other programs don’t want to touch. They are a wonderful organization and we will hopefully be sponsoring some of their children that have an interest in the arts. So if you can’t go to the game, consider buying a ticket and donating it to the kids from Boys Town. We will have a photographer at the game, so you can see how much fun these kids will have at the game.”

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This little brotherly project, done by my amazing brother Fernando Varela, who sings the song, and me, who produced the video hast hit over 1,900 views on You Tube.

Considering that only half of all the videos on You Tube are lucky to garner 500 views, we here at v5 are so excited and humbled by the amazing support this video has garnered.

As we celebrate our first full year in promoting and sharing the Fernando Varela love and his amazing voice, we take a moment to celebrate Fernando’s amazing rendition of our national anthem.

If anyone can guess how many key changes he makes at the end of the song, then you know your music.

Peace to everyone and God bless America.

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We are absolutely thrilled to have Fernando Varela’s CD on sell at the Border’s at Plaza las Américas in Puerto Rico. This is one of the most successful Border’s chains in the world. So thrilled, that we had our dear friends in Puerto Rico, http://loudact.com, take a picture for us.

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