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So this is the last day of 2009, and for v5, it has been an interesting year, culminating in being recognized by Latinos in Social Media for our agency’s work with social media. We were blessed by so many people who took the time to connect and interact with us online. As with any “end of year” post, we wanted to take a moment and thank the thousands of people who read our posts, reacted to them and let us know how they feel. You are all the best. And as year comes to a close, we wish you all a fantastic 2010.

We saw this cool idea from Louis Pagan, who listed which of his blog posts generated the most readers. That was a nice way to end the year, so we wanted to share our Top 6 Blogs (based on reader views and visits), since we think it provides a nice picture of v5’s work in social media this year. Here is the list from 6 to 1:

6. Gini 10K: A Very Special Twitter Video?: This video tribute to the Gini Dietrich, one of Twitter’s Best, was posted on December 30 and has quickly moved up the charts. We think that is pretty indicative of the awesome admiration and love that people have for Gini on Twitter.

5. When Twitter Numbers Are Meaningless: This post was added a few days back and we have been so thrilled to have gotten such a positive response to it. Yes, for those of us who try to harness the essence of Twitter each day, this one was for you.

4. My Social Media Trifecta: Yeah, Twitter is the bar, Facebook is your home, and LinkedIn is your office. Where’s Norm from Cheers? One of my personal favorite posts.

3. Join the Twitter Users Ban on the NFL: What started out as a joke where we poked fun at the NFL’s no-fun Twitter policy actually struck a chord with many people in September, to the point that the NFL’s PR Office had to post on our blog a few times to clarify. We thought that was really cool and in fact, we applauded the NFL for trying to explain its policy, even though some of us don’t agree with it.

2. To Tweet or Overtweet: That Is the Question: This piece is another personal favorite, since we try to explain that on Twitter, you just need to be yourself. If you are truly wanting to connect with people authentically and honestly, then tweet away!

1. Latino Success Stories: By far, this is the post that defined us and put us on the map as an agency. It continues to get reads and the comments on it are filled with such amazing and inspiring stories. All because we wanted to provide a different take on CNN’s “Latino in America” series. Some thought we were crazy for providing an alternative to CNN, but in the end, we provided an outlet for people to share their real stories. And we loved every minute of it.

HAPPY 2010!

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If you have been active with our Twitter stream the last two months, you might have come across Our Gift to Gini Dietrich: with all this emphasis on Twitter numbers and Twitter followers, we told @ginidietrich that if she got 10,000 followers, we would write her a song and make a video. Why? Because we thought it would be fun and we wanted to pay tribute to one of Twitter’s best.

The reaction to this has been interesting, to say the least. We have gotten several tweets from people all over Twitter asking us, no, begging us, to write the song and post the video.

Well, here it is: the Twitter premier of Gini 10K. Hope you like and if you do, let us know! Ha!

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Every week, we visit hundreds of blogs from our Twitter stream. Of those hundreds, we might skim and scan about the same number of posts. Of those skim-and-scan posts, we might actually read in more detail about 20-30 of those posts. Of those 20-30 posts, we RT those we find valuable and post on our other sites. And once in a while, we come across a blog that we feel deserves some more attention, and this week, that is exactly what happened.

It all started with a tweet (as it always does) from our stream and the title intrigued us: The World’s Top Tweeters Might Surprise You by Tecnolog’s Blog. So we clicked and we read, and according to this blog post (and don’t get us wrong, it was an interesting and thought-provoking blog with some very good points), it listed the “world’s top tweeters” by the number of total public tweets that an individual made within the decade. We think that the author of the post was making a very valid point in saying that actual people on Twitter tweet more than larger organizations and brands, and that we find extremely interesting. However, we do think that trying to emphasize “quantity of tweets” over “quality of tweets” (or, similarly “quantity of followers” over “quality of followers”) can be a bit misleading. In fact, identifying a “top tweeter” just by sheer volume and number of tweets does not truly grasp the essence of what Twitter is all about: a place where ANYONE can connect with ANYONE ELSE, no matter the numbers.

We are not here to poke holes into this post, since we think it has raised some very interesting questions about Twitter etiquette and Twitter cred, and quite frankly, in the end, all the Top Tweeters listed on the post all have a very unique and different way to approach Twitter and can claim strong and loyal followings within their respective tribes. (And, personally, the vast majority of the names listed are very cool people.)

However, what we do find fascinating about this post were its comments, from several people whom we greatly respect. And this is where we are already seeing differences in Twitter philosophies. Just like different companies, individuals on Twitter will follow their own beat. To some, that means tweeting automatically 24/7 to a get messages across (which, from our perspective, we just don’t do and have no interest in doing, and we will never put our Twitter on “autopilot”). To others, that means just tossing the “numbers” aside and just being you. To even others, this can mean not only capitalizing on a high number of followers, but truly connecting with those followers, no matter how hard it may be to do this on a consistent basis once you reach a certain level.

The point is this, and we say it all along: Once you try and analyze Twitter through traditional rankings and scorekeeping, you stray away from the true essence of Twitter’s power.

Who are the world’s Top Tweeters? Quite frankly, from our opinion, it is the person or brand who each and every day authentically and sincerely tries to connect with the Twitter stream. It is the profile who never schedules automatic tweets, since that just plays into the false perception that Twitter is all about quantity. A Top Tweeter is the person who initiates conversation or reconnects with a great contact after losing touch for a month or two. It is the profile that goes into Twitter with the sole mission of giving and giving and giving to the stream, with NO EXPECTATIONS. That is what matters.

So, as you weave through the Twitter stream, just remember: each and every one here on Twitter started at zero. Yes, when we all started and logged in for the first time, we had zero followers. Remember that feeling? What did you do to add value to the stream? How did you connect with profiles to begin to build your online presence? As your Twitter profile grows and you enhance your own tribe, our best advice is this: don’t get caught up in the numbers game or the grades or the accolades. The most important thing you must always remember is to give and connect, and when you finish doing that, you give and connect again. And again. And again. And you make sure that your tribe always feels that what you provide is valuable.

That is how you become one of the “world’s top tweeters,” because in the end, the people who follow you will validate your efforts.

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