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So if you are in Orlando on April 23, you can catch Fernando Varela LIVE in concert. This is a very special event as Fernando gets to perform in front of his home crowd. For tickets, click here: http://bit.ly/a8mJ3M

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We have always believed that how you think of Twitter will shape how you behave on Twitter. To those who see it as a promotional stream of noisy one-way information, it is very unlikely that they will ever capture the true essence of Twitter: to connect and be an active part of the conversation. We don’t think we will ever convince people to stop automatically streaming feeds that, quite frankly, no one sees or no one cares about.

So, instead, we will try to convince the “auto streamers” that maybe they should take a moment and rethink their Twitter strategy 100% (do they even have a Twitter strategy?). Here is our list of what we think provides good, solid “value” on Twitter:

1. Post interesting content that YOU choose individually and think would benefit your base on Twitter. It could be anything: a news piece you read, a great (and real) blog post that got you thinking, or, here’s a shocker, it can even be a song or picture that you like. Have fun with it, but the most important thing is to actively decide what you want to post and share, asking yourself: “Will my Twitter base like this?”

2. Thank people and tell them why you are thanking them. We know some people like to DM their thanks. We like to @. Why? Because it creates a conversation and maybe, just maybe, others will join in and then, something cool happens.

3. Make a conscious effort to help others and expect nothing in return. That’s a hard one for many, especially for all those brands that just want to shout out their links to the world, thinking that people will actually visit them. News Flash: they won’t. People don’t care if you are just selling. You are wasting your time and hurting your brand. Please stop as quickly as you can and start over again. Seriously.

4. Connect people to other people, especially if they have similar interests. Some of the best relationships we have made on Twitter came through introductions through other people.

5. It’s ok to promote what you do, just don’t do it 24/7 and with every tweet. Don’t hide sales links under the guise of “blog posts.” Don’t be clever or misleading. If you are going to promote what you do, heck, just say what you do and tell the truth.

Those are our five. What are yours? What would you add?

PS In doing some thinking about this topic, we came across this cool presentation that takes the notion of adding value with Twitter to more specifics. They are some good ideas here: 9 Ways to Add Value Via Twitter

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Social media is a paradox, especially when it comes to maintaining your brand out there. Once you commit to it, you have to keep feeding the machine, and with deadlines and other projects, you just don’t have time to do it all.

Sure, people can tell you that you can create a list of 10 things to do each day, focus on those, and achieve your goals. Sounds great as advice, but sometimes (ok, most of the time), life and reality get in the way. Yes, sometimes you can’t do it all, and guess what?, that’s cool.

There will be times when goals will not be met, and we just tell you to resist the feeling of panic. If you have a good social media presence and are still connected with people, you won’t become irrelevant overnight. The best thing you can do is just be honest with people, tell them the truth, and promise them that you will be back.

So, yes, this is our first blog in about a week. We just have not been able to post as much as we would have liked the last week. The reason? We have clients, and when it comes to crunch time and deadlines, our clients are our #1 priority. And guess what, that is ok. Don’t put the pressure on yourself all the time. Take that break and let people know. It’s cool. (And least, we hope.)

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