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They had me at the circles.

Thanks to the great RizzoTees, I got an invite to Google+, the Internet giant’s third attempt at a social media site. After all the failure of Google Wave and Buzz, we think the Google boys and girls FINALLY got it right—creating a very simple (and Facebook-like, yes very Facebook-like) and engaging network in Google+.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, we LOVE IT! Here are our top three reasons:

  • The interface and dragging and moving of profile avatars is fun.
  • The idea of having different CIRCLES to sort out your gazillion friends and family members outdoes Facebook. Well, right now.
  • Even though they ripped Facebook off and made some enhancements (with actual focus groups, yeah, Google!), the new network by the Google crew is just simple and not so full of that many ads.
Now once Facebook buys out Google, we will be all set, and get the best of both worlds. For now, hoping that Hootsuite will add Google+ accounts soon to their dashboard.

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On the colony of puppet TV hosts and egotistical, selfish Puerto Rican politicians, the time to finally transform Puerto Rico into a more open, compassionate, and positive place is NOW. We leave you with these video thoughts in Spanish.

For those who want to know what was said, it’s simple:

  • Puerto Ricans will control their own destiny. No more politicians from ANY PARTY that has been the same status quo since 1952, the year Puerto Rican officially became a Commonwealth of the United States, thus causing three generations of Puerto Ricans to suffer from utter confusion about who they are.
  • There is a puppet on the island who MUST LEAVE. We are watching.
  • NEW PARTIES who put their egos and own self-interests aside will be welcome. Those who get like their ego (Fortuño) and seeing their self-interests fulfilled (Fortuño) are not welcome.




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We will no longer stay silent. While the rest of the country focuses on the US-Mexico border, no one is paying attention to the con job that is being pulled in the north. At the risk of losing it all, we decided to take the LATINO REBELS to the center of the crisis: yes, be very careful, America—the real threat is up north. It is time to expose Canada and build a northern fence.


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