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We get very excited when our dear friends have great news to share and in the case of Adrian Carrasquillo (@RealAdrianC on Twitter), today marks a time to celebrate a very cool accomplishment for him and @NBCLatino. They are going social, and we wish them all the best! We asked Adrian to share his thoughts about the essence of NBC Latino. Here they are:

“I’m happy to announce that we’ve launched the NBC Latino social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Social is one of the pillars of our vision. We come nowhere near our mission unless we have the pulse of our community. But we wanted to do it right. Now that we’ve worked to hone our editorial voice we feel we are ready to launch social.

We want to appeal to Hispanics who feel that there has been something missing from Latino news. Our hope is that by immersing ourselves in the community and elevating what we all see as the Latino news conversation, we will better reflect the nuance, richness and depth of the U.S. Latino experience.

I subscribe to the theory that the most precious resource on the Internet is the time and attention of readers. You can’t survive in 2012 by expecting people to type in the URL to your website. Since 25 percent of all online trips in the U.S. end up on Facebook and Twitter and have become the online town square, I want us to tap into the vast Hispanic online community and present content that is fun, fresh, inspired and smart on the platforms where they already are.

I’ve come to know, respect and admire a lot of people in the Latino space in the last year and a half — from influencers and bloggers to amazing people furthering Hispanic initiatives through the social community. We want to continue to tell important stories and I want everyone who comes across our content to feel ownership of it. We want to represent them and we want them to keep us honest.

So I invite anyone to email me at adrian.carrasquillo@nbcuni.com or tweet to me @RealAdrianC if they have any questions, comments or concerns. Thanks to everyone who is joining us on this journey. I can speak for everyone at NBC Latino when I say that we’re honored to be in the position to make it with you.”

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A strange Puerto Rican political weekend culminated with a video of pro-statehood and Republican Governor Luis Fortuño showing his bromance GOP love to Mitt Romney in Florida. In case you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

This blog has written a lot about the weird GOP VP adoration with Fortuño, especially since this self-proclaimed lover of Ronaldo Reagan right now couldn’t even vote in a presidential election. And now that this Romney endorsement is making the rounds of the mainstream US media (one that is clueless about the island’s politics and issues), we will be very clear about it:

Luis Fortuño should be endorsing President Obama and not Romney, because without the policies of the Obama administration, Fortuño would have no political life in a tough re-election year for Puerto Rican governor.

Let’s look at the facts:

Fortuño on the Affordable Care Act (also known as OBAMACARE)

Fortuño on The Recovery Act (TARP, the Stimulus Bill)

  • For someone who is into free enterprise and against government funding of projects, Fortuño had no problem accepting federal stimulus dollars (source: Recovery.gov). According to official US government records, Puerto Rico under the Fortuño administration received close to $2.7 billion (yes, BILLION) between February 2009 and September 2011. ¡Gracias, Presidente Obama!

  • The Associated Press reported that Fortuño thanked Vice President Joe Biden for “ensuring that all Puerto Ricans benefit from the federal stimulus, and thanked him for the help from the federal government to put Puerto Rico on the path to economic recovery” Like with the health-care law, Fortuño’s rhetoric on the Recovery Act directly counters Romney’s current rhetoric (which is different from Romney’s own original support of it.)
  • Yet, when discussing the Puerto Rican “miracle” he has spearheaded, Fortuño makes no mention of what the Obama administration has done for Puerto Rico. In front of conservatives, he is the Small Government Guy, but when he needs money, he takes billions of dollars in stimulus money? What is the real story, Governor? It is clear that your public relations push is Fox-laced.
But maybe the Governor IS like Romney. Because, as Forbes magazine reports, Fortuño can’t decide what he is promising Puerto Rican taxpayers: tax cuts or tax increases? How do you say Flip Flop in Spanish? It is clear to us that the Fortuño endorsement of Romney is based on just one thing: a veiled fantasy of a Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state of the Union. Once again, status becomes the issue when in fact Fortuño should be thanking President Obama for saving his political future.

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