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The US Department of Labor released the May employment numbers for Puerto Rico and the data confirms the following:

  • May’s 14.2% rate is the island’s lowest unemployment rate since February, 2009, when it was at 14.1%. The unemployment rate has fluctuated between 14.1% and 16.6% since Republican and pro-statehood governor Luis Fortuño, who is facing re-election in November, has been in office.
  • Right now, Puerto Rico’s civilian labor force is at 1,267,965—this is the lowest labor force on the island since October, 1995 (1,266,581). The following graphs show how Puerto Rico’s civilian labor force continues to decrease over the past 10 years. The graphs also show that there are fewer jobs on the island. So, even though the unemployment rate is now at 14.2%, the labor pool is shrinking and so is the total number of employed people. For example, in December 2011, there were 1,090,300 employed Puerto Ricans and the December 2011 unemployment rate was at 15.2%. In May 2012, there were 1,087,600 employed Puerto Ricans with an unemployment rate of 14.2%. Between December 2011 and May 2012, therefore, there has been a net decrease of about 2,700 employed people in Puerto Rico because the civilian labor force during that time has gone from 1,285,500 people in December 2011 to 1,267,965 people in May 2012. That is a loss of about 17,000 people in the labor force.
  • Public sector government jobs are now at about 266,000 jobs, which is the lowest since October, 2011, yet ever since Fortuño’s big purge to have fewer public sector jobs on the island when he took  office in 2009, public sector jobs continue to increase.

You can see all the latest statistics here.

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If you don’t ever want to read this blog, just watch this video: all you need to know about Puerto Rico right now in 2012. Check out TheLastColony.com

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To be quite honest, we never thought that the Facebook page of LatinoRebels.com would ever achieve a similar spike in growth and engagement when we posted the now famous Thank You, Jesús meme in January, 2012.

But this week, it happened again for the Rebeldes, and it was a combination of many things. How did we get a 366% Facebook Level of Engagement (FLOE) rate?

It was a combination of several things. Here they are:

Damn Cat Pictures: This image, showing the history of art through depictions of cats, was shared with us by a fan. So we posted it. And we got over 5,000 shares in 4 days, proving once again that social media engagement is all about cats sometimes.

BanderaGate: The Daily News ‘oops’ moment of a Cuban flag instead of a Puerto Rican flag got us some attention this week. We were the first media outlet to break the story, and our piece was quoted and attributed by several major media outlets, including the New York Times, the HuffPost, and PrimeraHora.com from Puerto Rico.

The TIME cover: We were the first outlet on Facebook to share this week’s historic TIME cover (with credit back to TIME’s main site, but two hours before TIME’s own Facebook page posted the cover) and because of that, our post got more shares that TIME’s page (2,276 for the Rebeldes, compared to 1,725 shares for TIME). Being the first to report does have its advantages.

The Rebels’ FB post (credited to TIME) got more shares this week than TIME’s own post

The Facebook page of TIME posted the same cover two hours later around 9 am EST is about 500 shares less than the one posted by Latino Rebels (with credit) at 7:50 am EST on the same day.

#YoSoy132: We were one of the first media outlets in the United States to provide English-language social media coverage of what is being billed as the Mexican Spring. As a result, about 30% of all our Facebook engagement is coming from Mexico the last few week.

Finally, this increase in Facebook engagement has also directly influenced growth our on main website, LatinoRebels.com. According to our latest analytics, we are averaging 1,000 unique visitors a day, 1,600 pageviews a day, and 78& new visitors. Spread across the year, we have already achieved over a quarter of a million visits (269,831), over 200,000 unique visitors and 388,876 pageviews. We still believe we will be able to achieve 600,000 visits, 500,000 uniques, and about 750,000 pageviews. This is with no advertising and just through SEO and our social media networks. According to our internal traffic data and third-party sites like Alexa, we can say with certainty that LatinoRebels.com is one of the top independent Latino media sites in this world.

To put this week’s growth in perspective, the Facebook page of Latino Rebels is more engaging and more popular this week than the following media brands and pages on Facebook, even though all these pages have more fans, this week Latino Rebels is without question more engaging:

UPDATE, June 17, 2012: Our Facebook community surpassed the 1 million mark in total reach and our current FLOE is over 400%.

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This was a fun little thing to discover tonight.

The Facebook page of LatinoRebels.com, a company formed by me and 20 other like-minded Rebeldes, achieved a 151% Facebook Level of Engagement (FLOE) the past few days. As of tonight, our Facebook community had 14,717 likes and 22,716 people talking about our content or sharing what we post on our Facebook wall. This is the second time this year where the LatinoRebels.com Facebook page has had more people talking about the page than people liking the page. We will take it, and we want to thank all the amazing people who have been supporting us for over a year, all our new fans, and yes, even the new trolls that are showing up to tell us to go back to Mexico.

Our current engagement and total number of people talking about our Facebook content also outdrew the Facebook pages of Telemundo and Univsion today. We have 100% total respect for these brands, but when our Facebook page has more people talking about us than the Facebook pages of Telemundo and Univision, it just proves to us that yes, there is an audience for independent content, journalism, humor, and analysis of the US Latino world. ¡GRACIAS MIL to our Facebook community!

In the next coming months, LatinoRebels.com and Latino Rebels, LLC will be sharing some news that we think will take our brand to its next stage of growth. Our latest website traffic places us as one of the top US Latino independent media pages in the world. We LOVE our supporters and our fans. And stay tuned, we will have much more to share!

Below are screen shots from Telemundo (15,510 people talking about it) and Univision (13,041) tonight. Long live alternative content and independent media. In the end, a niche can be found, but we also think that a strategic and focused use of social media can also positively impact your brand and your website. Such is the case with LatinoRebels.com. Let’s hope the trend continues.

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At the end of this post, you will find Month 4 for Latino-themed Facebook pages and their Facebook Level of Engagement (FLOE). Like we said last month:

Our intent was to offer a sampling of the thousands of Latino-themed Facebook pages out there. The list was no way near exhaustive, if you are a page that would like to be added to the list, just post your link below in the comments section and add it. Before we share the latest list, just a quick reminder that this is all about engagement. The goal is to ensure that you achieve the maximum results in the number of likes that you have on a consistent basis, since the more people are talking about you, the better your chances are at establishing real relationships and getting more interest in your online content and properties.

Let’s first check in with the Facebook page of George Takei, the KING OF FACEBOOK. His latest numbers as of this morning: 1,983,514 likes · 2,141,808 talking about this (that is a 107.9% FLOE! CRAZY 107.9%!!!).

This month, we decided to just list the Facebook Level of Engagement (FLOE) percentages. Of course, many pages have a lot of likes but imagine if you are one of those pages and you can push your FLOE over 15%? 20%? 30%? These FLOE percentages are all based on real-time stats taken this morning, June 1. We also decided to make one master list, and encourage other brands and organizations to pass on their Facebook links to us so we can add you to the June list. Why are we doing this? Here are our reasons:

  1. We want to start curating a master list of Latino-themed Facebook pages.
  2. We want to see if all these pages can achieve a consistent FLOE of 15%. Once that happens, imagine the possibilities.
  3. Don’t just work to get the numbers, once you have the numbers, curate content that will have people talking about your page. With greater numbers, you have a greater chance of engaging people and having people sharing your content on Facebook organically.
  4. This time, we added some of the bigger Latino celebrity pages since a few agencies asked us to do this. It is exciting to see that such pages has millions and millions of likes, but the fact remains: all those pages are under-performing in terms of engagement rates. Just look at George Takei’s page. He has a few million likes and his engagement rate is off the charts. Celebrity pages just don’t get it. FOLLOW TAKEI’S MODEL!
Ok, here is the June list (numbers based on page checks on June 1, 2012 from 8am-9am EST; full disclosure: Latino Rebels is my organization.)  It is very important to note that Facebook can be fickle. For example, a page might all of a sudden have 10,000 people talking about it, but then it dips down to 6,000 again. This is the case of two pages on this list, but we have since adjusted them to show the higher number of people talking about them. Nonetheless, we are just trying to capture a moment in the monthly life of a Facebook page. This is not a definitive data study, since they only way to capture that is to have pages actually submit the real hard admin data.
And like we said, Facebook is just one part of your strategy, it is not THE strategy. The key is always about your main content hub and how a place like Facebook can get you more engaged followers and loyalists.

June’s Sampling of Latino Facebook Pages and Their Facebook Level of Engagement (FLOE)

  1. Voto Latino: 54.2% (16,435 likes · 8,913 talking about this)
  2. Latino Rebels: 51.7% (14,437 likes · 7,424 talking about this)
  3. Pa’lante Latino: 40.6% (1,276 likes · 518 talking about this)
  4. SoLatina: 24.5% (58,466 likes · 14,351 talking about this)
  5. Mamiverse: 21.1% (15,221 likes · 3,215 talking about this)
  6. Sofrito for Your Soul: 20.6% (8,084 likes · 1,669 talking about this)
  7. Being Latino: 18.7% (73,445 likes · 13,768 talking about this)
  8. NBC Latino: 17.8% (2,610 likes · 465 talking about this)
  9. Being Puerto Rican: 14% (18,109 likes · 2,529 talking about this)
  10. So Mexican: 11.9% (811,059 likes · 97,160 talking about this)
  11. VOXXI: 11.2% (969 likes · 150 talking about this)
  12. HuffPost Latino Voices: 10.6% (5,949 likes · 635 talking about this)
  13. Univision News: 9.3% (5,118 likes · 481 talking about this)
  14. American Latino Museum: 8% (102,265 likes · 8,200 talking about this)
  15. Cuéntame: 7.8% (79,185 likes · 6,186 talking about this)
  16. Pocho.com: 7.8% (1,511 likes · 118 talking about this)
  17. Gozamos: 7.7% (3,777 likes · 292 talking about this)
  18. Primer impacto: 7.1% (175,842 likes · 12,562 talking about this)
  19. Toyota Latino: 6.2% (73,085 likes · 456 talking about this)
  20. Remezcla: 6.1% (10,172 likes · 621 talking about this)
  21. Despierta América: 6% (97,093 likes · 5,827 talking about this)
  22. Telemundo: 5.7% (280,810 likes · 16,068 talking about this)
  23. The Big Tino: 5.7% (72,250 likes · 4,173 talking about this)
  24. Cosmo for Latinas: 5% (5,599 likes · 282 talking about this)
  25. SpanglishBaby: 5% (4,877 likes · 245 talking about this)
  26. Latina: 4.9% (63,657 likes · 3,133 talking about this)
  27. Disney World Latino: 4.9% (42,899 likes · 2,133 talking about this)
  28. News Taco: 4.8% (4,095 likes · 199 talking about this)
  29. El Diario NY: 4.7% (4,281 likes · 204 talking about this)
  30. Mega 95.5 FM:  3.9% (12,835 likes · 503 talking about this)
  31. Calle 13: 3.8% (1,167,980 likes · 43,887 talking about this)
  32. Mun2: 3.5% (187,130 likes · 6,674 talking about this)
  33. Vitera: 3.5% (4,268 likes · 152 talking about this)
  34. Ford en español: 3.5% (1,425 likes · 51 talking about this)
  35. Univision: 3.3% (437,747 likes · 14,482 talking about this)
  36. People en español: 3.3% (154,978 likes · 5,050 talking about this)
  37. National Council of La Raza: 3.3% (17,885 likes · 583 talking about this)
  38. Immigrant Archive Project: 3.2% (11,771 likes · 377 talking about this)
  39. Fox News Latino: 3.1% (46,831 likes · 1,449 talking about this)
  40. Pitbull: 3.0% (20,450,399 likes · 619,385 talking about this)
  41. National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts: 3.1% (1,349 likes · 42 talking about this)
  42. Hispanicize: 2.8% (4,271 likes · 121 talking about this)
  43. Mexican Word of the Day: 2.5% (1,296,832 likes · 32,497 talking about this)
  44. Es el momento: 1.9% (10,984 likes · 211 talking about this)
  45. El Gordo y la Flaca: 1.8% (293,822 likes · 5,341 talking about this)
  46. Hispanically Speaking News: 1.6% (2,852 likes · 48 talking about this)
  47. Somos Verizon Fios: 1.5% (33,391 likes · 514 talking about this)
  48. Selena Gómez: 1.3% (30,785,113 likes · 404,958 talking about this)
  49. Shakira:  1.0% (51,032,701 likes · 553,213 talking about this)
  50. Cristiano Ronaldo: .009% (44,628,311 likes · 410,525 talking about this)
  51. Los Pichy Boys: .009% (12,041 likes · 117 talking about this)
  52. Latinos in Social Media: .006% (138,726 likes · 855 talking about this)

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