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My latest for NBC Latino.

NBC Latino

I am done.

Done with the engrained perception that U.S. Latinos are not “American enough,” that we are these foreign beings who all speak with accents, dance until 5 am, are loud, rambunctious and sexualized. For the record, it is safe to say that I don’t fit any of the previous stereotypes, although when I speak Spanish, my Puerto Rican accent is front and center.

This week this whole “Latinos aren’t Americans” theme happened yet again when Pitbull (of all people) was slammed by the Twitter Ignoranti for being some “Mexican” host of the American Music Awards.

Let me pause for a second and break this down.

We are talking about Pitbull, perhaps the most mainstream Latino pop star out there right now. The “Dale” guy whose music plays 24/7 at every dance club, health club and bad Top 40 station in the United States. You would think that of…

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My latest for NBC Latino

NBC Latino

Last month President Obama spoke at the White House in front of a sympathetic crowd of immigration rights groups and told the world the following: “We should pass immigration reform.  It’s good for our economy.  It’s good for our national security.  It’s good for our people.  And we should do it this year.”

He also added, “And if folks are really that consumed with the politics of fixing our broken immigration system, they should take a closer look at the polls because the American people support this. ”

The President urged all those in the room and all those pushing for reform to “keep putting the pressure on all of us to get this done.”

But this week, when asked  about the future of immigration reform, President Obama said, referring to Republicans, “If they want to chop that thing up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces…

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I have been in education for over 20 years. This young man is right.

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