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So this little hashtag that could, Viva Viernes, is getting some nice attention in the Twitter stream. It just goes to show that in the world of Twitter, there is a place for a niche, and in this case, we have tried to make Fridays on Twitter a bit more social and fun that just the constant streams of Follow Friday tweets we see.

We did a quick little video that talks about other things you can tweet about on Viva Viernes. Hope you like it.

¡Que viva viernes!

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v5, the exclusive online marketer of FernandoVarela.com, was very proud to have helped the UFL last week in helping to bring fans to the October 22 Florida Tuskers game at the Citrus Bowl. Through a strategy of connecting with football fans in Orlando and as well as Orlando media outlets on Twitter and Facebook, v5’s campaign brought people to the game. We had a blast. Can’t you just tell from the face of @papijulio?


Here are some pictures of the game and of the section we helped to fill: v5’s UFL Photo Album

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A few things about today: can’t do a video due to a deadline, and yes, I stayed up late last night to watch the Red Sox not even score a run against the Angels. Woke up, got out of bed, and got hopeful about Beckett’s chances tonight. We will see.

So here is my list for Follow Friday and why you MUST follow these 5 awesome people:

WesternConf_bigger @bcuban: as if he needs the recommendation from some crazy Puerto Rican Italian guy living in Boston (that would be me) to get more followers, but Brian Cuban, the lead attorney for the Mark Cuban Companies, is the REAL SOCIAL MEDIA DEAL. He had streamed a very cool and amazing piece on Social Media Sports this week at The Cuban Revolution, and I thanked him for it. Then it lead to the fact (as a joke, of course) that I would love to have him as a spokesperson for #BanNFL, and we conversed back and forth for a few tweets about how sports leagues do not get social media. Umm, by the way, Brian does “get it,” and his content is excellent, and better yet, not flashy, with just the facts. He has quickly become required reading for me. Love his vibe and his attitude. And yes, I can’t wait until the Cubans create the ultimate social media event: an arena filled with 18,000 “twittercasters” streaming the play-by-play of a live event for all their Twitter friends. Now, THAT would be cool. If you want to see what Brian is doing, click on his page image below and enjoy:


IMG_0044_bigger @PhillyREDMAN: You know why I love Dirk? Because every day, he always says good morning to me. That is cool. That is class, and I wish him all the success in the world. BTW, Dirk can sing, a Philly vocalist with a cool vibe.

MessUK3_bigger @MessUK: Mess came into my stream from France and “from my head” and I am so happy that he is part of my Twitter world. He is one cool cat, and he makes me feel like I can still hang with the cool young kids. Mess, in a few years, we are talking my children to France, since they speak the language very well, so we will let you know! Keep rocking out.

2009_pics_103_bigger @Pats4Me: Alice, Alice, Alice. The first time I met you, you were ready to rip Coach Rex Ryan into shreds and spit him out. I think your passion for the Patriots would be welcome by Coach Bill on the sidelines! Awesome. Keep ’em coming.

Untitled_bigger @Avinio: you know why I truly LOVE Twitter? Because I would have never met an amazing guy from Tel Aviv so quickly. Avi offers incredible value and insight into my Twitter stream. He is also a great guy who is honest, humble, and so supportive. Peace, my friend

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