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Yeah, we have been around Twitter for a while and are very aware of FollowFriday, where you recommend profiles to other people and offer your reasons. When it started, it was a cool idea. However, it was quickly becoming obvious that Twitter streams were getting clogged up with tons of profile names, it was hard to keep track of the recommendations. So, as others have done, we started blogging our recommendations, and this practice returns today. Here is our list of GREAT and ENGAGING Twitter profiles to follow. We really enjoyed connecting with these profiles the last few weeks.


Profiles to Follow from @Julito77

  • @Danigrrl5: Danielle has quickly become a very close social media friend. We share a love of writing and we love to read each other’s work. She is also becoming such a regular and loyal visitor to this site. I love how she converses on Twitter. 100% Real. Follow Danielle at @Danigrrl5.
  • @hackneyhive: Another new connection that “gets” it. I already love the wit, the charm, and the authenticity. Makes me want to live in Hackney, London. Follow at @hackneyhive.
  • @tonytorero: Even though root he roots for Real Madrid, Tony is cool. We share a love of #Latism and soccer, and I love to tweet with him in both English and Spanish. You can follow Tony at@tonytorero.
  • @mkelly317: Another fellow fiction writer, Maria is so supportive, positive, and sweet. She brings a smile to my face every time she shows up in my stream. And she also roots for the Red Sox! Follow at @mkelly317.
  • @giorodriguez: Another #Latism supporter who shares a lot of things in common with me, like the fact that we are BOTH Puerto Rican and Italian and spent our formative years of our lives in the boogie down Bronx. But seriously, Giovanni is the best. Follow him @giorodriguez.

Profiles to Follow from @fbnovel

  • @babelonandon: She made us crack up when several puns on book titles were being shared this week. We instantly fell for the humor and wit. Follow Ms. Riggs at @babelonandon.
  • @stmartinspress: This esteemed publisher tweets from the Flatiron Building in New York and we love the fact that the profile is actually replying to its followers. They love to chat about anything literary. Follow at @stmartinspress.
  • @Glory_66: Slavica is one of our most loyal readers. She always visits whenever there is a new installment of FRANKY BENÍTEZ and always tweets about the book for us. We love our loyal readers! You can follow Slavica at @Glory_66.
  • @reynaldomacias: We love Reynaldo and his writing. We love his poetry so much that we made it the first submission ever of #LatinoLit. Follow at @reynaldomacias.
  • @LaLicenciada: She was one of the first to reply to us this week on Twitter and according to Klout, she has already influenced us! And that is a good thing. We love her vibe. Follow her at @LaLicenciada.



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This is was a cool week and we were honored to speak at the annual Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association conference at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. We were part of a social media panel hosted by LATISM = Latinos in Social Media and it was a pleasure to be there. On behalf of v5 and FernandoVarela.com, and Publish, a thousand thanks. ¡Gracias mil!

And for VivaViernes, we did a little video of the great people we hung out with. ¡Que VivaViernes!

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Today, we are taking a different take on FollowFriday. We aren’t recommending anyone in particular, just the most important “secret” about social media.

Today, we follow Hard Work.” Yes, Hard Work. We are following it, like we have always have. Even on those days when we don’t want to, we still follow it. For those who don’t know what “Hard Work” is, we recommend you follow it because if you think social media is easy and automatic, if you think all you have to do is listen to some “experts” (by the way, we are all experts, everyone of us, but that is for another blog) and you run everything on auto-pilot, if you think that since most major social media sites are free and any company can just hire anyone to do the job, then you aren’t following “Hard Work.”

(PSST, we had to add an image to this blog, and not to count out amazing talents of women online, come on, you HAVE to love the image we picked for this blog. Yes?)

We aren’t not going to gloss this over. When people ask us, “How can we get some branding success online?,” we say, “Hard Work.”

And how do you know that you are following “Hard Work?” Here are our some of the signs:

1. You would rather call it a night, instead of writing your weekly Friday blog. (Wait, that sounds familiar.)
2. You would rather personally thank people who follow you on Twitter instead of using automated systems and replies. (Exhibit A of this: @jeffmello)
3. You would rather personally reply to people on Twitter when they connect with you publicly and ask for your advice. (See: @daivrawks or @jamesrivers for examples of TRUE givers of advice.)
4. You tell your clients the truth when it comes to resources and success online with branding and social media. You show real data to prove this. The time for theory is over.
5. You breathe, take a rest, and start all over again the next day.

Some days will be better than others, but in the end if you follow “Hard Work” consistently and authentically, you will see the results. This takes time, dedication, and insane passion. Yet, the best part of this, is that anyone can achieve success online, if you follow “Hard Work.”

The days of the Internet as an automated medium to increase brand loyalty and sales are over. The time to truly connect is here. With a little “Hard Work,” we know you can do it.

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