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In light of the Jamaican Plain Community meeting last Tuesday, where the overwhelming majority of attendees opposed the new Whole Foods store in the neighborhood, Whole Foods spokesperson Heather McCready confirmed to us via email today that Whole Foods plans to respond to the residents’ comments “early next week.” As McCready told us:

The statement from our regional president will be available by early next week. We are unable to issue any statements beyond that at this time.

We also requested an interview with Whole Foods executives, but have yet to get a formal response. As for other developments in this story, we reported a statement from Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressley yesterday about the new Whole Foods store replacing the HI LO supermarket in the neighborhood. The HI LO, which has been a fabric of Boston’s Latino community for over three decades, has closed and will be replaced by a new Whole Foods store.

Whole Foods Facebook Pages Launch

Social media will be playing a role in this story, as @stevegarfield of Boston has launched a pro-Whole Foods Facebook Fan Page called We Are All Whole Foods. The purpose of the page is to offer positive news about Whole Foods as company and as a benefit to the JP community. Garfield, a Boston social media influencer, has been actively promoting this page to his social media network. Last night, Garfield tweeted the following comment about gentrification: “.@mrchrisallen “Gentrification brings in Yuppies, but it stops shootings.: #jpub”

According to Universal Hub, Jamaican Plain, a neighborhood going through typical transitions that occur in major urban neighborhoods, has witnessed nine shootings in the neighborhood in the last year, with two of those shootings results in homicides.

In the meantime, another Facebook page called Whole Foods: Listen to JP, launched today as a place where residents and other interested parties can provide comments about Whole Foods’ plans. It will also offer links to news articles about the story.

JRV.com is committed to provide coverage on this blog. We did reach out to all Boston politicians with an interest in this story, including Mayor Tom Menino, State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, State Representative Jeffrey Sánchez, Boston City Councillor Felix Arroyo, Boston City Councillor Matt O’Malley, and Boston Councillor Pressley. So far, only Councillor Pressley has released a statement about the story.

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As someone who has been involved in local politics and tries to stay active in the Boston and Massachusetts political scene, I provide you with this video invitation:

So, Mike Flaherty, Mayor Tom Menino, Martha Coakley, Steve Pagliuca, Congressman Capuano, or Alan Khazei, let me know if you are interested?

Here are the parameters:
1. A 15-minute one-on-one Q/A on Twitter.
2. Questions would pertain to voter issues.
3. We would create a hashtag (searchable) of your choosing.
4. We would pick a time that is convenient to you and is a busy Twitter time (say 8 or 9pm)
5. We would promote on major Boston-related Twitter outlets.

Think of this a social media engagement with your voter base.

Respectfully submitted,

About me: Harvard Graduate (class of 1990), former journalist (Glove, Crimson), former VP of Houghton Mifflin Company, now a connected Twitter user in Boston.

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