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This is happening.

Tonight. AGT Finale. Vote here after 10:55 EST. Also you can tweet a vote with “#VoteAgt Forte.”

FORTE with Josh Page, Sean Pannikar and my brother Fernando Varela. Let’s do this!

FORTE in #AGTFinale: Don't Forget to Vote Tonight!

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Yup, Twitter just got a bit cooler. Ok, maybe the video is too much (song is too hip for me), but now you can find top pictures and videos through hashtag searches. We like that.

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Ah, my soon-to-be-11-year-old. Last few months of elementary school. Next year, middle school. Should I worry? No, not really. I mean she does a very cool and dead-on impersonation of her Papi. My future Tony-award will be just fine.

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You don’t get it.

This is not about your rants or your bizarre Ustream shows or about the fact that you have been on every “exclusive” interview known to man.

No, this is about Twitter and the fact that you need to leave it. You don’t get it, Charlie.


Let us count the ways:

  • Your stream shows NO engagement. You talk about connecting with your fans and taking your message to the street. Yet, your stream is basically just TWITTER SPAM, You are no different than the thousands and thousands of auto accounts that post crap links that no one reads. ENGAGE, Charlie. Hit that @ button now. If not, just leave.
  • Numbers don’t mean anything. This is what you are missing here, Charlie. Sure, you got the quickest number of Twitter followers in 24 hours. Sure, you got your press and the media talking about it. But here is the catch: What are you doing with these two million followers? In essence, you are doing NOTHING. You talk about yourself. It’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU. Guess what? In the end, if you don’t get your social media act together, you will disappear as quickly as air.
  • Social media is social and two-way (no pun intended, or is it three-way?). Be a human, Charlie, follow other accounts. You know what your Twitter follower ratio tells me when I see it? It says: “I am Charlie Sheen. I am more important than you. You can follow me and watch my rants. But I really don’t care about you.”

No wonder that tomorrow, March 11, is National Charlie Sheen Unfollow Day. Yup, Charlie, as quickly as social media propped you up, it can also bring you down. Hard. Before that happens, start using Twitter in a way that we guarantee will make you as strong and as influential as any major outlet in the world.

Do it now before you flame out.

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Hey, gotta give it up to TOP GEAR. I actually received a real letter from an Executive Producer today. No form letters from a PR company. Yup, I don’t agree with. Here it is:

Dear Mr Varela

Thank you for your feedback about Top Gear.

I can honestly say that it wasn’t our intention to offend Mexicans, much less create some sort of minor diplomatic crisis, but I stand by the inclusion of these comments in a show like Top Gear.

Perhaps understandably, a lot of the complaints we received were from Mexicans. That may be one of the downsides of being a successful British show hosted by three presenters with very British sensibilities but I don’t think many Top Gear fans in the UK or abroad would want us to change our presentation style.

Of course you’re perfectly entitled to disagree and I’m only too aware that many people do. I can only speak for myself and the presenters when I say we all thought the comments would be taken in the same spirit as those about the many other nations referenced in Top Gear.

I hope this explains our position on the matter but if you believe a serious and specific breach of the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines has occurred here, and you wish to pursue this complaint further, you can contact the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit, within 20 working days, and they will carry out an independent investigation.

You can write to them at the following address:

Editorial Complaints Unit
Room 5168
White City
201 Wood Lane
W12 7TS

Alternatively you can email the Unit at the address: ecu@bbc.co.uk, but please note that complaints submitted via email must include a postal address as ECU findings are sent by letter.  Whether or not you choose to pursue your complaint with the ECU please be assured your further concerns have been registered.

Yours sincerely

Andy Wilman
Executive Producer
BBC Top Gear

Kind regards

BBC Audience Services

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Ok, people have been aksing: what the heck happened to #140 Chat? Two words: Top Gear. But the #140Chat series is back with the amazing @zoeyjordan, a must-have Twitter profile for your stream.


me: Ok Chatting today with the fabulous Zoey Jordan, one of my faves here on Twitter. What is up?
zoeyjordan: Thrilled to be tweeting/chatting with my brother from another mother.
me: Ha! Ok, first question. Is Twitter still fun for you?
zoeyjordan: Hmmm. The novelty has worn a bit, but I’ve made great connects. So…yes
me: Say more about the novelty wearing out? Is it getting too uncool for someone as hip as you?
zoeyjordan: Duh. LOL! What I mean is at first – it was like – wow, you can talk to hundreds of peeps all at once.
Now, 2.5 years later, I take more time to engage, even tho the tweet stream is fuller.
me: Yeah, it seems like the engagement aspect is getting deeper and we are all forming our own little niches
zoeyjordan: The posse expands, so to speak
me: So if you could run Twitter for a day, what would you do?
zoeyjordan: Delete the bots, spammers, and anyone who posts more than 10 self promoting links a day.
me: Ha! Maybe you can come up with a service that executes those profiles. Do you find yourself calling out the spammers more or do you just ignore them? (FYI: I am the host so I can use more than 140 characters)
zoeyjordan: Damn you.  I usually report for spam if thats what it is. If it’s someone who is annoying? Just unfollow.
me: I am a very provocative Twitter host. Yeah, unfollow and block always work. Ok, just a few more questions.
If you could follow just three Twitter profiles and that’s it (excluding me), who would they be and why?
Take your time
And expand
zoeyjordan: Wow. That’s a loaded question…I don’t wanna kiss anyone’s arse either. Hmmm.
me: Ha!
zoeyjordan: One would have to be @GiniDietrich b/c she is a CEO that gets it. Introduces peeps, shares great content. Luv her
me: 1
zoeyjordan: Okay #2 would be @NancyMyrland She shares, shares, shares. Very kind + relevant info
me: 2
Both good choices btw and you are not kissing arse just being smart
zoeyjordan: So far so good…
zoeyjordan: Third would be (drumroll) @teeco71 b/c he is just so dang positive and shares links I always click on
me: Nice
Ok, last question: 2011 for @zoeyjordan will involve _____?
zoeyjordan: Hopefully: 12 months. Um, business expansion, adopting a dog, and lots of excitement.
me: Sounds like a beer commercial! LMAO!
zoeyjordan: Or a country song
me: We luv ya! Thanks for the 140Chat
zoeyjordan: You betcha!


To follow Zoey, go to her Twitter profile: @zoeyjordan

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Ok, I know I am an Arsenal supporter, but when I heard that Manchester United and Mexican soccer star Javier Hernández (known to all fans as “Chicharito) had responded to the TOP GEAR Mexican fiasco in a very creative and original way, I had to share. Sorry, Cesc Fabregas, you know I would never write about United in this blog, but Chicharito’s response was right on the money. He earns major props.

In a new ad campaign that the soccer star arranged with Powerade, an image of a proud Chicharito is accompanied by the following text, translated here from the Spanish: “Yes, imagine waking up and discovering that you are Mexican. Less prejudice. More exercise.”

The soccer star was obviously making reference to the comments made by TOP GEAR host Richard Hammond and then repeated by host Jeremy Clarkson (video below). Recent articles in both the Mexican and English press reported that Chicharito was so upset with the comments that he wanted to use his star power to present an appropriate (and dare we say clever and classy?) response to the TOP GEAR Three Amigos.


Ok, Chicharito, you are cool in my book. But Arsenal is still coming after you and United for the Premiership title this year. GOOONERS!!!!

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