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Ok, people have been aksing: what the heck happened to #140 Chat? Two words: Top Gear. But the #140Chat series is back with the amazing @zoeyjordan, a must-have Twitter profile for your stream.


me: Ok Chatting today with the fabulous Zoey Jordan, one of my faves here on Twitter. What is up?
zoeyjordan: Thrilled to be tweeting/chatting with my brother from another mother.
me: Ha! Ok, first question. Is Twitter still fun for you?
zoeyjordan: Hmmm. The novelty has worn a bit, but I’ve made great connects. So…yes
me: Say more about the novelty wearing out? Is it getting too uncool for someone as hip as you?
zoeyjordan: Duh. LOL! What I mean is at first – it was like – wow, you can talk to hundreds of peeps all at once.
Now, 2.5 years later, I take more time to engage, even tho the tweet stream is fuller.
me: Yeah, it seems like the engagement aspect is getting deeper and we are all forming our own little niches
zoeyjordan: The posse expands, so to speak
me: So if you could run Twitter for a day, what would you do?
zoeyjordan: Delete the bots, spammers, and anyone who posts more than 10 self promoting links a day.
me: Ha! Maybe you can come up with a service that executes those profiles. Do you find yourself calling out the spammers more or do you just ignore them? (FYI: I am the host so I can use more than 140 characters)
zoeyjordan: Damn you.  I usually report for spam if thats what it is. If it’s someone who is annoying? Just unfollow.
me: I am a very provocative Twitter host. Yeah, unfollow and block always work. Ok, just a few more questions.
If you could follow just three Twitter profiles and that’s it (excluding me), who would they be and why?
Take your time
And expand
zoeyjordan: Wow. That’s a loaded question…I don’t wanna kiss anyone’s arse either. Hmmm.
me: Ha!
zoeyjordan: One would have to be @GiniDietrich b/c she is a CEO that gets it. Introduces peeps, shares great content. Luv her
me: 1
zoeyjordan: Okay #2 would be @NancyMyrland She shares, shares, shares. Very kind + relevant info
me: 2
Both good choices btw and you are not kissing arse just being smart
zoeyjordan: So far so good…
zoeyjordan: Third would be (drumroll) @teeco71 b/c he is just so dang positive and shares links I always click on
me: Nice
Ok, last question: 2011 for @zoeyjordan will involve _____?
zoeyjordan: Hopefully: 12 months. Um, business expansion, adopting a dog, and lots of excitement.
me: Sounds like a beer commercial! LMAO!
zoeyjordan: Or a country song
me: We luv ya! Thanks for the 140Chat
zoeyjordan: You betcha!


To follow Zoey, go to her Twitter profile: @zoeyjordan

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me: ok, ready?
atdayton: yeah, lets do this…
me: hi, I am talking today with my dear friend and Twitter rockstar Adrian Dayton
Welcome to #140Chat
atdayton: Hey Julio, thanks for having me on man. #140chat

me: Ok, first question I ask everyone: Why do you use Twitter?
atdayton: Kind of like asking me why I breath?  Seriously, it is a real connection to ideas and people I care about.
I learn a ton everyday from it, and it gives me a way to share my ideas with the world.

me: Nice. So what successes can you share about your use of Twitter?
atdayton: That is like asking me to describe the universe and give three examples.
me: Go for iy
atdayton: Twitter has opened so many doors for me, from getting me major publicity, to helping me find a publisher
me: Sweet

atdayton: I have amazing experiences using Twitter on a weekly basis connecting to people.
me: Now you have a large following (over 40K) but only follow about 5K people. Why?

atdayton: Great ?. When I started on Twitter I was all about numbers, I thought it would get me credibility.
Later I realized it wasn’t about the numbers but really connecting.
I unfollowed 35,000 people because my message wasn’t relevant to them, and they were sharing with me in a valuable way either.
me: hey just 140 characters! LOL
atdayton: I trimmed it down in an attempt to better focus on the people that matter the most to me.
me: Got it

atdayton: Each message is under 140 , ok I’ll try harder to be concise
me: No worries
Ok, my Actor’s Studio Question for you: If I ran Twitter I would ____
atdayton: Provide more “opt-out” options allowing me to turn off promotional tweets.  It would be great if I could filter out all of that

me: Anything else
atdayton: I really wish it was easier to the average Joe to understand.  Unfortunately, it is still too complicated for many.

me: Going back to this statement “I unfollowed 35,000 people,” What tool did you use to do this?
atdayton: I had to use a couple of tools.  One in particular called HUITTER – but isn’t around anymore.
me: Bummer
atdayton: The tough part was that I un-followed some very engaged people.  They sent me messages, and I followed them back.
me: oops
atdayton: (side note, I just posted that on Twitter by accident)

me: Ok give people 3-4 great Twitter profiles to follow (and don’t be like Gini who gave us 10!)
atdayton: No problem, @econwriter5 lives on Twitter and shares some great stuff.

me: one
atdayton: dang, this is tough.
So many great people to follow

me: 3 more
come on, you sound like a typical lawyer ha!
atdayton: Would it be a cop out for me to simply say @julito77, @ginidietrich and @justinthesouth? Three of my all time favourites

me: no, we’ll take it LOL
thanks, Adrian for your time
see you in the stream
and we like the English way you spell “favourites”
atdayton: sounds good, thanks man.


To follow Adrian on Twitter, go to @adriandayton

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me: We are talking with Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich,
a PR firm that is doing amazing work with social media
Gini, why do you use Twitter?
ginidietrich: hey now! not just social media…it’s all communication
with an emphasis on digital
why do i use twitter? other than it’s lots of fun?
it’s really helped us build credibility for
arment dietrich and traffic for spin sucks


me: How has it built credibility for your company?
ginidietrich: it’s given us the ability to expand our reach with the stroke of a key.
we’ve never before been able to work internationally because of the costs.
now we work with international partners daily.


me: That is cool. Where are your international clients from?
ginidietrich: we have clients in the UK, sweden, hong kong, and australia
oh! and canada.


me: Canada doesn’t count. Isn’t that part of the US? Ha!
ginidietrich: i feel like they are! i love canadians!


me: Ok. How has Twitter changed over the last three years?
ginidietrich: wow. it’s changed in so many ways,
but stayed the same in many others.
i always said twitter would become a place for PR people to
interact with clients, stakeholders, and media.
and i think it’s really moving there now.
but it’s also still one big networking party
that isn’t so serious all the time.


me: Let’s talk about Twitter being a fun place.
Why do you think some brands don’t see Twitter as being fun?
ginidietrich: i think it’s like what chris said when you talked to him…
they see it as another place to sell their wares
and don’t use it as a conversation tool.
it’s all one way for them
and they don’t use it appropriately.


me: Do you think brands will ever “get” Twitter?
ginidietrich: i don’t think all brands will get twitter.
it’s like anything else.
some companies succeed in spite of themselves.


me: Now for my Inside the Actor’s Studio question.
If you were running Twitter, what would you do to improve it?
ginidietrich: if i were running twitter, i’d have figured out a way to monetize already.
i’m a high twitter user and you gave me access to special features no one else had,
i’d be willing to pay for it. it’s a shame they haven’t used their own tool
to ask users what they think.


me: What sucks about Twitter?
ginidietrich: i hate auto DMs and the random tweets from people you’ve never talked to
who ask you for something because they perceive you can help them.


me: Who are the best Twitter profiles right now?
ginidietrich: as in people to follow?
me: Yup
ginidietrich: gosh…other than the two of us and the posse?
me: yes
ginidietrich: LOL


ginidietrich: OK. @dannybrown @joey_strawn @nittygriddyblog
@skypulsemedia @markwschaefer @mitchjoel
@conversationage @bethharte @abarcelos
@c_pappas @kmueller62 @bdorman264
@rachaelseda and…of course @spinsucks (run by @lisagerber)
me: Wow that is a stream


ginidietrich: i really hate questions like that because you inevitably leave someone out!
me: You’re in trouble now
Last question
What is the future of Twitter?
ginidietrich: oh i think it dies a slow death.
i actually thought it’d be dead by now…
i predicted its death last year.
it’s really surprising for a company that’s not making money to still exist.


me: Wow, you are obsessed with money
ginidietrich: it’s the only way i can buy shoes and wine!
me: And cheese dip!
Thank you so much, Gini. You are a digital rockstar.
ginidietrich: and cheese dip! love you julito!


To follow Gini, go to @ginidietrich

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me: Am with Chris Reimer, social media star.
Chris, why do you tweet?
Chris: I enjoy connecting w/ tee fans, social media fanatics,
eFriends (many of whom are now in-person friends),
I enjoy finding like-minded ppl

me: Cool. What is the biggest mistake people make on Twitter?
Chris: IMHO, it’s treating Twitter like your marketing bullhorn,
and not trying to create real relationships.
A close second? Choosing not 2 use it

me: So you think Twitter is here to stay then?
Chris: Hard to say. Myspace was once the king.
So anything is possible. Twitter may get purchased and killed.
Hard to know the future.

me: But if you had to predict?
Chris: I predict that Twitter is here to stay
for at least the next 5 years. After that, I make no promises!
I sure hope it survives, as I love it

me: Now fill in this sentence. The most engaging Twitter profile
I know is ____ because ____.
Chris: @julito77 because he stays in close contact
with his best Twitter friends.
Seriously, u put me on the spot! But you’re damn good…

me: LOL and I didn’t pay you for that
Ok a few more questions
Twitter would be better if it ___.
Chris: had less spam. There are sites like Digg
that (as far as I can tell) dont put up with spam.
It would take effort but spam could be curtailed

me: So if you were head of Twitter, you would kill spam ASAP?
Chris: I would work to curtail it, yes. Now, that opens up
a Big Brother can of worms.
I mean, if I tweet about tees, is that spam?
To some, maybe

me: Yes but do you care about people unfollowing you
or are you more worried about nurturing the people
who do follow you?
Chris: I’d rather not lose followers, especially real people.
It’s just an ego thing. But more importantly,
I care about my current followers

me: You sure do. Ok, last question. Name two or three profiles (besides you)
that are MUST FOLLOWS here on Twitter.
Chris: This is a toughie (2nd tweet coming here, hold on while I think….)
me: No worries
Chris: @michaeltomko – smart.
@AjBombers @RobustWineBar – restaurants that are killing it.
@julito77 – great engagement. One more..

me: Ok
Chris: @ladyumbrellaltd – another tee company doing great work.
Shameless plug – @FalkHarrison – I hear those guys made a good hire

me: We heard that too. Congrats, Mr. VP!
It was pleasure to chat with you here.
Go Sox!
Chris: Go Cardinals! Down with Tom Brady, ahahahahaaaaa
me: LOL
Thanks, Chris
Chris: Thank you, sir


Follow Chris on Twitter here: @RizzoTees

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me: Here’s the key: 140 character questions
and 140 character answers could be less
Justin: glad to
let’s go!

me: ok
here we go
Why do use Twitter?
Justin: I use twitter to connect with people, build relationships
and to hear other people stories and wisdom!

me: What do you like best about Twitter?
Justin: Twitter let’s us talk to anyone! I mean Twitter let me meet you, Julio.
Twitter gives you a voice. The deer now have guns!

me: Ha!
Ok, what sucks about Twitter?
Justin: People who think Twitter is just about spamming, auto dming
or that it’s all numbers! It sucks that people don’t get that it’s about relationships

me: Got it
What would be your ideal dream version of Twitter?
Justin: That there would be no spam and people would openly talk
about life and help each other with making their dreams happen!
me: Nice answer

me: My favorite Twitter profile is ____ because _____.
Justin: My favorite Twitter profile is @samtaracollier
because she is kinda new to Social Media but she gets it!
She is smart and great writer!

me: What is the greatest thing that happened to you on Twitter?
Justin: I have found people like
@ginidietrich @jeffmello @ChicagoDiane
@adriandayton and @samtaracollier who I now call friends!
I have also found clients

me: Aw, that’s sweet.
Last question: Where is Twitter going? What will it be like in a year?
Justin: Unless people start seeing
the value in building relationships
and actively pursuing new relationships
Twitter will be a iGhost Town
me: Thanks, Justin!

To Follow Justin on Twitter, visit @JustInTheSouth

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So, we started thinking: How can you make #FollowFriday on Twitter a little more interesting and a little less annoying? Yes, we are of the camp that although we think the #FollowFriday tradition is a great idea, the way most Twitter profiles execute it: with following streams of Twitter profiles that don’t even list why you would even follow the person in the first place. People, brands, and bots, we CAN do much better.

Then it hit us. Why not start a new series on this blog where we ask engaging Twitter profiles questions in 140 characters or less, and then that profile needs to answer the questions in less than 140 characters. Hence starts #140Chat. (FYI: This idea was inspired, okay somewhat stolen!, by what my dear friend @ginidietrich does on her blog each Friday: write about one Twitter profile to follow each week. That is cool.)

The guidelines for #140Chat will be simple:

  1. We will choose an interesting Twitter profile from our stream.
  2. We will DM that profile and make a #140Chat request.
  3. We will have the actual interview of 140 character exchanges via a chat client, like Google Chat.
  4. We will save the interview and the post it on our blog.

Simple as that. Who’s in?

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