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me: ok, ready?
atdayton: yeah, lets do this…
me: hi, I am talking today with my dear friend and Twitter rockstar Adrian Dayton
Welcome to #140Chat
atdayton: Hey Julio, thanks for having me on man. #140chat

me: Ok, first question I ask everyone: Why do you use Twitter?
atdayton: Kind of like asking me why I breath?  Seriously, it is a real connection to ideas and people I care about.
I learn a ton everyday from it, and it gives me a way to share my ideas with the world.

me: Nice. So what successes can you share about your use of Twitter?
atdayton: That is like asking me to describe the universe and give three examples.
me: Go for iy
atdayton: Twitter has opened so many doors for me, from getting me major publicity, to helping me find a publisher
me: Sweet

atdayton: I have amazing experiences using Twitter on a weekly basis connecting to people.
me: Now you have a large following (over 40K) but only follow about 5K people. Why?

atdayton: Great ?. When I started on Twitter I was all about numbers, I thought it would get me credibility.
Later I realized it wasn’t about the numbers but really connecting.
I unfollowed 35,000 people because my message wasn’t relevant to them, and they were sharing with me in a valuable way either.
me: hey just 140 characters! LOL
atdayton: I trimmed it down in an attempt to better focus on the people that matter the most to me.
me: Got it

atdayton: Each message is under 140 , ok I’ll try harder to be concise
me: No worries
Ok, my Actor’s Studio Question for you: If I ran Twitter I would ____
atdayton: Provide more “opt-out” options allowing me to turn off promotional tweets.  It would be great if I could filter out all of that

me: Anything else
atdayton: I really wish it was easier to the average Joe to understand.  Unfortunately, it is still too complicated for many.

me: Going back to this statement “I unfollowed 35,000 people,” What tool did you use to do this?
atdayton: I had to use a couple of tools.  One in particular called HUITTER – but isn’t around anymore.
me: Bummer
atdayton: The tough part was that I un-followed some very engaged people.  They sent me messages, and I followed them back.
me: oops
atdayton: (side note, I just posted that on Twitter by accident)

me: Ok give people 3-4 great Twitter profiles to follow (and don’t be like Gini who gave us 10!)
atdayton: No problem, @econwriter5 lives on Twitter and shares some great stuff.

me: one
atdayton: dang, this is tough.
So many great people to follow

me: 3 more
come on, you sound like a typical lawyer ha!
atdayton: Would it be a cop out for me to simply say @julito77, @ginidietrich and @justinthesouth? Three of my all time favourites

me: no, we’ll take it LOL
thanks, Adrian for your time
see you in the stream
and we like the English way you spell “favourites”
atdayton: sounds good, thanks man.


To follow Adrian on Twitter, go to @adriandayton

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