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This post is dedicated to the executives of Sony Pictures, who chose not talk to us about the boycott of the film COLOMBIANA, a boycott formed by the fabulous group POR COLOMBIA NACIONAL. Although we have no problem with the lead actress of the film, the Puerto Rican Dominican Zoe Saldana, we do have problems with the movie’s directors, producers, and distributors.


We thought the era of SCARFACE (Latino criminals, cocaine, stereotypes, and a horrible accent from Al Pacino) was over (yes, Richard Rodriguez, you’re a little guilty too), but it seems that it continues to be promoted in Hollywoodlandia. COLOMBIANA is a problematic film for this simple reason: its lack of authenticity, honesty, and its promotion of the tired and stale image of the violent Colombian narco. ENOUGH.

Colombia is a beautiful country, a place with decent and very friendly people. The Colombians we known are intelligent, hard-working, and full of love. As they say in Puerto Rico, Sony Pictures, we will send you to EL CARAJO. But it doesn’t matter, you doesn’t respect us. You won’t even answer our calls or reply to our emails for a statement about the movie. We know that the global companies of the world regard us as garbage or rather, a mosquito. Well, this mosquito (and other mosquitos) are angry. ENOUGH WITH THE MOVIES THAT PROMOTE TIRED AND OFFENSIVE STEREOTYPES OF ANY GROUP OR CULTURE. And another question: Where are the Latino writers, directors, and producers of COLOMBIANA? They are all French. Screw that.

So Sony Pictures, we send you this song:

And we will support the Colombians and other Latinos who want to say WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT.

Today, here are the true COLOMBIANOS and COLOMBIANAS that would be very movie-worthy:

  1. GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ: one of the best writers in the history of the world. EL GABO!!!!
  2. JUANES: a huge star who has never forgotten his roots
  3. SHAKIRA: because she is beautiful and fantastic
  4. FERNANDO BOTERO: for giving us your artistic gifts
  5. CARLOS VIVES: fresh fruit!
  6. RODOLFO LLINÁS: winner of UNESCO’s Einstein Medal
  8. ANGELA BECERRA: award-winning writer
  9. CAMILO VILLEGAS: breaking down the stereotypes in golf
  10. and, of course, VALDERRAMA!: with his orange curly hair

QUE VIVA COLOMBIA, the birthplace of Hispanic freedom!


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