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We have gotten comments from the Join The Twitter Users NFL Ban blog, but of all the comments, including a few from the NFL’s PR Office, we are proud to present this amazing suggestion from Chris Reimer, the Brilliant Owner of Rizzo Tees. Rizzo, this idea rocks. What do you all think?

NFL, Mr. Brian McCarthy, Julio , distinguished guests, fellow citizens………

I am going to give you some free advice. It is yours to keep. No, I don’t want Rams season tickets in exchange for this golden knugget. Seriously, no, keep the tickets.

You REALLY wanna create a buzz? Mashable, Gizmodo, Deadspin, EVERYONE talking about you, but in a positive light?

Here is what you do. Take a regular season NFL game, and make it your annual Social Media game. Encourage every ticket holder to bring their web-enabled phone. Maybe even give $5 off for anyone that can actually prove that they can Tweet or Facebook update from their phone. (I dunno, you’re the marketing experts, you figure it out).

Tell the fans to Tweet, Facebook update, Friendfeed, take pictures, (maybe even knock out some videos? Well maybe not yet, baby steps). This is going to be the world’s first OFFICIAL interactive game. In fact, make it some shiatty matchup like the Lions vs. Raiders. I guarantee you that, if you take the right line on this, you could make it HUGE! TV ratings will be through the roof, because every nerd will be tweeting with their friends as they watch. No one is actually going to turn off their TV to take part in this special game. They’ll be watching!

Think about it – a sporting event covered and documented by the masses unlike any before in the history of the planet. And it will have been your idea. You’ll be eons ahead of the other three sports (you’re already clobbering them, just finish them off already!)

Don’t be scared. This isn’t like mp3’s ruining the music recording industry. There’s only one NFL (LOL@Vince McMahon) – use these new powerful tools to your advantage. And free Ochocinco!

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