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We love the Shorty Awards, a great way to honor and recognize some of the best people and organizations on Twitter and social media. In its third year, this user-generated awards event is a great way to honor those who “get” what makes a strong social media profile.

From ShortyAwards.com

@Raul_Ramos, @BeingLatino and @Latism

This year, we would we like you to consider nominating three very cool Twitter accounts we hold dear in our hearts. We think that is we can rally our social media network to submit nominations now, we can get these three profiles into the top 6 and into the next round of public voting in February. So here are our three:

  • Raul Ramos y Sanchez: Raul is the award-winning author of AMERICA LIBRE and A HOUSE DIVIDED. He is a true gentleman, a talented writer, and named of the the Top 2011 Latino Writers to look for by LatinoStories.com. He shares all the time on social media and is a model of how an author can market his works effectively. To nominate Raul in the #author category, just click here or on the image below:

    Nominate @Raul_Ramos in the Shorty Awards!








  • Being Latino: The largest and most active community of online Latinos on Facebook. Founded by Lance Rios, this group has over 52,000 members on Facebook. Being Latino promotes a collective world where Latino culture, news, art, politics and other topics can be shared and discussed. To nominate BeingLatino in the #culturalinstitution category, click here or click on the image below:





  • LATISM = Latinos in Social Media: The BEST online Twitter community ever. This group is always sharing, always connecting and always supporting. More profiles on Twitter need to be like LATISM. A first-class example of what social media should be for everyone. To nominate LATISM in #socialmedia category, click here or click on the image below:

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