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Yes, I am REALLY EXCITED that the Red Sox won the World Series this year, but let me say one thing to Sports Illustrated:



…is not the same as this.


I don’t know what troubled me about this week’s cover, but then one of my friends said it best: “I love it for the city but it doesn’t change what happened at the marathon or to the people who lost their loved ones or their limbs etc.”

Yes, last week was amazing in Boston, amazing. The Sox’s win did make us all feel stronger and closer. That’s what the Sox do when they win. 2004 was just as amazing, and so was 2007, and yes, I get the fact that the Sox rallied around the Marathon tragedy, but it’s just baseball, people. Sports can be transformative, but last time I checked, it’s not like Fenway Park became a shelter for victims, like the Superdome was for Katrina. Let’s not make this another manufactured New Orleans moment. THAT was real. This is too over the top.

That is what bothers me. Forced #BostonStrong. If SI really wanted to do something classy, something that spoke to THIS should have been the cover:


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