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Hola, mi gente. Here is my Viva Viernes list for el 10 de julio. Mi hija cumple 9 hoy. Wow. Wow. Wow. ¡Abrazos!

Yo, @julito77 recomiendo a:

@Schedulicity: I am so happy that I have a new “socia” in the Viva Viernes effort. The moment this amazing Tweep showed up in my stream, Viva Viernes got a little bit better. BTW, check out their scheduling software. ¡Muy cool!

@blogadera: If you are a Latino blogger, then you MUST connect with Blogadera. Hey, they now post a real-time Viva Viernes stream. ¡Fabuloso!

@ccolmenar: I follow Cathy because she offers great value to my stream and also has an amazing background and represents the Latina pride! Also, from San Antonio, my favorite city.

@josieinthecity: Another strong Latina who is from NYC. Hey, that is all I need. Keep it up, you Media Maven! Love your tweets.

@synbad: Because this TWIXICANO (loves it!) knows his music, has a cool vibe, and I know he can totally outrhyme me, so it’s just best to follow him. ¡México!

¡Feliz fin de semana!

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It is July 10, 2009 (unlike what I said in my video), and nine years ago, my daughter was born. Wow, time flies. Anyway, here is my list for FollowFriday. Hope you have a chance to follow these great people and get value from each one.

Today, @julito77 Recommends:

@PublishGroup: Ok, I know this is a bit weird because it I am asking you to follow my own company, Publish, but we are a company that does engage and will reply to you. Really… we will.

@1800GotJunk: This is a GREAT example of how a well-established company is doing it right on Twitter. Add a great product, great conversations, and some Canadian humor, and you have a wonderful combination. Awesome group.

@ganoexcelcoffee: This is a brand on the rise and for someone so new to Twitter, they are already engaging and understanding how to interact with their customers. Yeah, it also doesn’t hurt to have a great coffee product that gives you the health benefits of coffee without the downfalls (like the shakes). A top-notch company, worldwide. My family has had the distinct pleasure of getting to know their management team this month, and we were so impressed by their operations and professionalism.

@lawain: I had the pleasure of meeting Lawain about 5 months ago, and I am so glad I did. Lawain’s experience is in the financial services industry, and it has been a joy to watch him transform himself with social media. He is a huge sports fan (big plus for me), but he is also a great soul, a great friend, and someone I trust and respect.

@shawnrecruits4u: I just love Shawn, not only because he is an awesome person, but he is doing what I admire so much: taking the best of his business experience as a recruiter in Silcon Valley and applying to a great social media strategy. Shawn uses Social Media to complement his offline efforts. Perfect. I always enjoy connecting with him.

Have a great weekend.

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