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We all know that brands are everywhere on Twitter and for many of us who tweet on a regular basis, a lot of brands are part of our stream. We think that is a good thing, but we find it surprising that so many brands are not actively searching for and truly connecting with their customers. What a lost opportunity for so many brands. So, in the interest of some case studies, we have picked two brands we follow. One is doing it right. And one SHOULD be doing it right, but it isn’t.


Gotta love Da Junk!

Gotta love Da Junk!

Who would have thought that a junk removal company understands Twitter? Well, we are all better for it. The 1-800-GOTJUNK account is so cool. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. They clearly identify who they are. They say that we are the Twitter admin for the company.
2. They do not promote their business online in a spammy way.
3. They engage with people and create a world where junk is fun.
4. They connect with others and are very nice.

As a result, for us, the next time we need to clean up a room full of old unwanted stuff, we plan to DM the Junk Guys. Perfect.


Start Engaging, Best Sports Talk Station in America

Start Engaging, Best Sports Talk Station in America

This one baffles us. As you know, WEEI is a Boston sports institution. But their Twitter account weeisports might as well be a Yankee fan. It… [insert well-known Yankee Fan expletive said by Red Sox fans here] Here are the reasons:

1. All they do is post links to their web site. Breaking news, updates, and interviews are fine. But 100% of the time? Has anyone ever seen an @ reply with EEI on Twitter?
2. Someone at the station needs to make the simple connection that Twitter is just like their main product: sports talk radio! Can you imagine the possibilities if they started engaging with their listeners online, just like they do on the radio?
3. Social media is an extension of radio, and Twitter can be the forefront, but they are losing the opportunity. Maybe they just don’t care, or don’t want to engage. Too bad, because…

Now I have started listening more to the The Sports Hub. Maybe they will understand. They talk about Twitter all the time, let’s see some @ replies.

You Have a Chance to Engage on Twitter and Beat EEI

You Have a Chance to Engage on Twitter and Beat EEI

Let’s see who wins.

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