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Major props to Being Latino’s Lance Rios and Louis Pagan, the co-founder of LATISM, for today’s appearance on Fox News Latino. The topic was “Social Media and Latinos” and asked this question: How important are sites like Facebook and Twitter to the Hispanic community?

Click on the screen shot to view the interview. Or click on this link.

Viva Louis! Viva Lance!

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We here at v5 love Chicago, we love it: the vibe, the Loop, the bars near Wrigley, da Cubbies, the improv scene, and of course, the deep dish.

Yes, we love Chicago so much, we would marry it.

So today, our #FollowFriday for is all about: Chicago.

So here is our list of great Chicagoland people you MUST follow on Twitter:

twitter2_bigger @foiledcupcakes Mari (like Safari) is so Chicago: hip, cool, and oh yeah, makes the best cupcakes around. I should know, I have tried them and she is not paying me to talk about them. Yes, I am real journalist here. Seriously, I have enjoyed Maris’ business grow at Foiled Cupcakes, since it was about the same time when we formed v5 and started promoting Fernando. And yes, Mari (like Safari) is a Twitter Rockstar.

JoeTheProducerFall09_bigger @joetheproducer: I met Joe over the summer in Chicago, and I was so happy to do so. His style on Twitter (fun, honest, authentic, and awesome) totally reflects his personality. Joe is a Web TV producer and has a great show called EnlightenMeRadio, a fabulous show for entrepreneurs.

Di_Allan_BDaycrop_bigger @chicagodiane: Diane is amazing, her personality is infectious (in a good sense of the word), and I always love connecting with her. She is also one sharp VP for a technology company, and yes she is a hopeless Cubs fan. She will always put a smile in your Twitter stream, because Diane does Twitter right: connect, engage, be yourself.

gj_bigger @big_teeth: Ah, Gregg, you have the right Chicago sports attitude (Cubs always blow it) and your video work is top-notch. You crack me up with your humor and fashionable Windy City style. Now you have become the Chair of GATT = Guys Against Terrirble Television. Yes, sire, I will follow you into battle.

twitterProfilePhoto_bigger @aakomas: This DePaul Journalism student loves her sports, absolutely loves them. She knows her soccer, basketball, and baseball. Amy is also very cool to hang out with on Twitter. You will love how she connects with people.

And how can I not include the Queen of Chicago? The Social Media Maven of the Midway? The Big Bear? The Cosmic Cub? Yes, people, yes, if you can only follow 1 person on Twitter,

only 1 person,


Then you MUST MUST follow @ginidietrich. Why? Well, she knows her stuff, she embodies what social media for business should be about and if she gets a little over 1200 more followers, I promised I would sing her an original song on video. Yes, join the #Gini10K movement so I can look like a goof on video. (Wait, I always look like a goof on video.)

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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Publish is very pleased to have worked with AARTPACK and Green Comma to provide free interactive digital lessons celebrating the accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayor.

These lessons, in both English and Spanish, cover several curriculum areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science) and offer two levels of instruction. They are whiteboard-ready and online.

To access the lessons, go to this link: Sonia Sotomayor Lessons

We are honored to be part of this collaboration.

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Reason #300 why we absolutely love and think Twitter is the most powerful communication tool out there, a place where each individual and brand can create their own universe. So that is we love the The Katnip Awards.

Say hi to Kat

Say hi to Kat

We love Kat for several reasons (Boston, fun, engaging, cracks us up), but you have to give her credit for taking the time to make Follow Friday even more fun and valuable with her weekly The Katnip Awards. (BTW, she thinks we’re cool. Shh, don’t tell her that people like Gini and Amy think we’re dorks. Shh.)

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A huge thank you to James Andrews for his Fast Company blog that gives a huge shout out to VivaViernes on Twitter. We are so honored to be labeled a “Thought DJ.” We’ll try to keep spinning the thoughts, James! ¡Gracias mil!


From Fast Company

¡Que viva viernes!

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BOSTON, MA AUGUST 31, 2009: v5, LLC, a premier online marketing, publishing, and social media services company, announced today the hiring of industry icon Bill Ganz as the company’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO).

“Google Bill Ganz right now,” said Julio Ricardo Varela, v5’s CEO, “You will see why we are so thrilled. His experience, savvy, and expert knowledge of social media will make an incredible addition to our services.”

In response by clients to provide top-level strategic thinking to their campaigns, v5 created the position of a CXO and then actively sought the one person who would be more than qualified to fill it.

Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities in branding through media, Mr. Ganz has an impressive resume that is unrivaled. With more than 25 years of media experiencing, producing events for luminaries such as Tony Robbins and companies like Disney, Clear Channel, and Sony, Mr. Ganz has created award-winning campaigns that have capitalized on the power of the Internet. In addition, Mr. Ganz has become “results-oriented” social media dynamo, who has delivered for his clients.

Bill Ganz (left) with Tony Robbins

Bill Ganz (left) with Tony Robbins

“We love Bill Ganz for one simple reason. Unlike others who spend hours and hours lecturing about the power of social media, Bill Ganz works social media and understands the efforts needed to successfully produce winning campaigns for brands,” said Mr. Varela.

In his capacity, Mr. Ganz will craft all of v5’s client campaigns in social media, utilizing his talents as a content producer and deliverer to ensure that v5’s clients truly engage and connect with their customers.

“We tell our clients that social media is all about the two-way interaction and relationship with their customer base. Bill Ganz understands that, more than anyone else I know. We are so happy to have him,” said Mr. Varela.

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I am blogging from LAX right before my plane takes off and I head back home again. Overall a great week, since I got to meet great friends @kevinvandever, @jennifervides, and @JacksonHDTV. And of course, there was the flat tire in Pasadena, but also some great meetings with Gano Excel and then there was this: Breakfast Pizza!



Anyway, here is my Follow Friday list for this week:

@BillGanz62: Billy is my boy, and after this week, he is part of the v5 family. We made him our CXO, our Chief Experience Officer. Bill Ganz is a social media force, in the fact that he does very little shouting out and just gets the job done. Results, results, results. I love how he is going to force v5 to think a bit differently. Welcome to v5, my brother!

@Jason_Pollock: I just love what Jason has done with social media to shout out his cool movie, The Youngest Candidate. And he is awesome because no matter how many followers he has, he connects and engages. Awesome talent.

@reddsmitty: Awesome handle? Check. From Chicago? Check. Always engages and always gives out amazing Twitter vibe. Perfect. Kim, you rock!

@EmperorSEO: Because I met Jamie last night for the first time (and also had the Breakfast Pizza with him in the morning), and I found a true brother. Yeah, he’s crazy, he goes off on Twitter, he got banned from Facebook for life, but when you meet him, you see a true brother and an amazing soul. Really.

@triratnai: Because I met Slavica a long time ago last year and we discussed writing and our love of writing. She is an amazing soul.

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