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We are tired. Tired about the one-way PR machines that think that Twitter is just another forum to push their stuff out and we all just willingly say yes to that information.

Yes, we are tired. Tired of the @aplusk (which, btw, is SO 2009) and the @oprah (91 tweets! 91 tweets and 2 million followers) profiles that get the notoriety because the power of celebrity always wins out.

We say no. No the the one-way PR machines. No to the numbers game. No to the fact that celebrities all over Twitter make the biggest mistake ever on Twitter: they DO NOT TRULY ENGAGE and make real connections with people. That is, we should just be thankful and honored that celebrities should acknowledge us.

Last time we checked, we are all the same here on Twitter. Twitter is the great flattener, no one is better than anyone, and for the celebrities who think that they can maintain the same type of one-way communication with their base here on Twitter, we think that eventually you will be tuned out. Sure, people may will laugh at us and think we are nuts, but we ask you this: Who brings you the most value to your Twitter experience? The celebrity with 2 million followers or the person you just met who is actually interested in who you are and what you do?

That is why, as we are in our second year on Twitter, we have have encountered only one true celebrity who “gets it,” we mean really “gets it.” He is a music legend, one of the most prolific Latino musicians of our generation. He is is icon to many. And when I actually followed him, I was blown away by the fact that he actually took the time to respond to me via a DM and we have actually connected with @ replies on Twitter.

And for that sole reason, we say that @WillieColon is the BEST CELEBRITY ON TWITTER. I will put him up against anyone, yes, even @AlySSa_miLAno, who is considered by many as the darling and the best example of a celeb who “gets it.” (BTW, Alyssa and Willie have about the same number of tweets.)

Why do we love Willie and why should you follow him? Here are our reasons:

1. His humility and willingness to share with others.
2. His appreciation of his blessings and the gift he has been given.
3. When Willie is on Twitter, he shares and he connects.
4. He is the baddest salsa trumpeter ever.

But most importantly: Willie follows you back. He truly wants to connect. He doesn’t spend his time on Twitter with goofy tweets or PR plugs. He shares his wisdom, his personality, and himself. He uses his celebrity to reach out to people, but he never makes you feel that his celebrity is bigger or better than you.

Willie Colón is our #1 Twitter Celebrity Draft Pick. Simple as that.

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