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You don’t get it.

This is not about your rants or your bizarre Ustream shows or about the fact that you have been on every “exclusive” interview known to man.

No, this is about Twitter and the fact that you need to leave it. You don’t get it, Charlie.


Let us count the ways:

  • Your stream shows NO engagement. You talk about connecting with your fans and taking your message to the street. Yet, your stream is basically just TWITTER SPAM, You are no different than the thousands and thousands of auto accounts that post crap links that no one reads. ENGAGE, Charlie. Hit that @ button now. If not, just leave.
  • Numbers don’t mean anything. This is what you are missing here, Charlie. Sure, you got the quickest number of Twitter followers in 24 hours. Sure, you got your press and the media talking about it. But here is the catch: What are you doing with these two million followers? In essence, you are doing NOTHING. You talk about yourself. It’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU. Guess what? In the end, if you don’t get your social media act together, you will disappear as quickly as air.
  • Social media is social and two-way (no pun intended, or is it three-way?). Be a human, Charlie, follow other accounts. You know what your Twitter follower ratio tells me when I see it? It says: “I am Charlie Sheen. I am more important than you. You can follow me and watch my rants. But I really don’t care about you.”

No wonder that tomorrow, March 11, is National Charlie Sheen Unfollow Day. Yup, Charlie, as quickly as social media propped you up, it can also bring you down. Hard. Before that happens, start using Twitter in a way that we guarantee will make you as strong and as influential as any major outlet in the world.

Do it now before you flame out.

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