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me: Am with Chris Reimer, social media star.
Chris, why do you tweet?
Chris: I enjoy connecting w/ tee fans, social media fanatics,
eFriends (many of whom are now in-person friends),
I enjoy finding like-minded ppl

me: Cool. What is the biggest mistake people make on Twitter?
Chris: IMHO, it’s treating Twitter like your marketing bullhorn,
and not trying to create real relationships.
A close second? Choosing not 2 use it

me: So you think Twitter is here to stay then?
Chris: Hard to say. Myspace was once the king.
So anything is possible. Twitter may get purchased and killed.
Hard to know the future.

me: But if you had to predict?
Chris: I predict that Twitter is here to stay
for at least the next 5 years. After that, I make no promises!
I sure hope it survives, as I love it

me: Now fill in this sentence. The most engaging Twitter profile
I know is ____ because ____.
Chris: @julito77 because he stays in close contact
with his best Twitter friends.
Seriously, u put me on the spot! But you’re damn good…

me: LOL and I didn’t pay you for that
Ok a few more questions
Twitter would be better if it ___.
Chris: had less spam. There are sites like Digg
that (as far as I can tell) dont put up with spam.
It would take effort but spam could be curtailed

me: So if you were head of Twitter, you would kill spam ASAP?
Chris: I would work to curtail it, yes. Now, that opens up
a Big Brother can of worms.
I mean, if I tweet about tees, is that spam?
To some, maybe

me: Yes but do you care about people unfollowing you
or are you more worried about nurturing the people
who do follow you?
Chris: I’d rather not lose followers, especially real people.
It’s just an ego thing. But more importantly,
I care about my current followers

me: You sure do. Ok, last question. Name two or three profiles (besides you)
that are MUST FOLLOWS here on Twitter.
Chris: This is a toughie (2nd tweet coming here, hold on while I think….)
me: No worries
Chris: @michaeltomko – smart.
@AjBombers @RobustWineBar – restaurants that are killing it.
@julito77 – great engagement. One more..

me: Ok
Chris: @ladyumbrellaltd – another tee company doing great work.
Shameless plug – @FalkHarrison – I hear those guys made a good hire

me: We heard that too. Congrats, Mr. VP!
It was pleasure to chat with you here.
Go Sox!
Chris: Go Cardinals! Down with Tom Brady, ahahahahaaaaa
me: LOL
Thanks, Chris
Chris: Thank you, sir


Follow Chris on Twitter here: @RizzoTees

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