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Add sweeping panoramas of Puerto Rico, along with a soundtrack that could have been written by Aaron Copland. Edit images of Raúl Juliá (as the dad from The Addams Family movie), Dallas Maverick star JJ Barea, and the great Clemente. Instead of having adults speaking, just bring out some kids and spread a message of hope that tugs at the heart-strings. Add an iPad, too. That is the very grandiose ad by the campaign of PPD (Popular Party) gubernatorial candidate for Puerto Rico Alejandro García Padilla has produced.

The result? A message the promises everything but offers nothing.

Here it is:

As the island faces a historic economic crisis caused by the policies of both major parties (PPD and the pro-statehood PNP), the García Padilla campaign continues the “politics as usual” track of a colony nation that has failed miserably in reaching its maximum potential. Give the people their populism and all will be well. The ad reminds us of what President Obama successfully achieved in 2008, although it is clear that a message of ambiguous hope no longer plays so well in 2011.

García Padilla is clearly the front-runner as he challenges Republican and pro-statehood incumbent Luis Fortuño, an opportunity that we think he is clearly missing out on. Instead of being a little stronger, a little bolder, instead of finally trying to think outside the system and provide real progress for the island, Puerto Rican voters will be getting the same PPD rhetoric that has sustained the party’s leadership for decades.

With more and more frustration coming out of the island when it comes to its political systems, when will the island wake up? When will voters demand real solutions that put their interests first, both from an economic one as well as one to finally resolve the island’s colonial status? Unless the voters demand something different, the grandiose ads will continue and the populace will still depend on the inaction of politicians. And inaction only perpetuates the status quo, one that has done little to bring Puerto Rico into the 21st century.

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So convenient of Puerto Rico’s #1 TV Show, to admit it ignored basic journalism protocol and screwed up AFTER THE FACT.

Bochinche my ass. CANCEL YOUR SHOW!

WAPA’s SuperXClusivo—a news, entertainment, and gossip show hosted by a FREAKING PUPPET—has gone on record to say that they knew the the John McCain story where the Arizona senator questions the US citizenship of Dallas Maverick and Puerto Rican start José Juan Barea was a HOAX even when they broadcast it.

Funny they should say that, since even though their producers assured us that the actual clip where LA COMAY (whose creator makes over 3 million dollars a year) reports the McCain story as true is not on the show’s official website.

We talked with José, one of the show’s assistant producers, who said that even though SuperXClusivo realized after the fact that the story was fake, the show should not be singled out, since other outlets reported the same story (FYI: a quick Google news search of the original story confirmed that no major Puerto Rican media outlet picked up the original story.)

“Everyone in Puerto Rico thought it was a real story, but then everyone realized that it was a joke,” José said to us over the weekend via a phone call to the SuperXClusivo show. “All the Puerto Rican press reported it as a serious story, it wasn’t just SuperXClusivo. If you think we are the only ones who didn’t check out the story, then you have to tell that to the entire Puerto Rican press. It’s not just us that ran with the story.”

Yeah, JJ, we feel the same way about LA COMAY

So, once again, the puppet thinks she is better than all the others.

The fact remains: SuperXClusivo treated a fake story as if it were news. They lacked BASIC JOURNALISM SKILLS. Viewers thought the story was real. It wasn’t, and we were the first blog in the world to report it. Eventually, SuperXClusivo admitted it was a hoax, but we think the damage had already been done.

To the island of Puerto Rico, WHY DO YOU KEEP WATCHING THIS SHOW? WAKE UP!!!!


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