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They say time heals everything and in the case of award-winning author Alisa Valdes-Rodríguez, her 2011 holiday season will be much more pleasant than 2010. A year after going through a very public battle for the film rights of the popular THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB, Valdes-Rodriguez announced this week on her blog that Encanto Productions, the company headed up by  Ann Lopez (George Lopez’s ex-wife), did not renew the novel’s rights.

Alisa Valdes-Rodríguez

As Valdes-Rodríguez writes:

Two weeks ago, the option expired. The production company had the choice to buy the rights forever, for next to nothing. To my great surprise, considering the bad blood among all the people involved, they did not. I’d half expected to get a check at midnight, just to put me “in my place” for objecting to what they’d done to my work. But they did not.

They gave me back the rights.

This was huge.

People close to me know that I had all but given up on ever seeing the rights again. But now, here I am, in full possession of them again, and much better prepared to move forward.

Happily, the story is still in great demand for the big and small screen. I’m fielding calls from big names on it. This time, I’m taking my time. This time, I’m doing all the homework that needs to be done before moving forward with anyone.

This time, we’ll be doing this my way, and it will be beautiful, and it will succeed.

I am grateful for the hardships and conflicts of the past year. I would never have learned so much without them. I am also grateful to the production company for doing the right thing and giving me my book back. It was a grand and gorgeous gesture, and one that won’t be forgotten. I suspect this year hasn’t been hard just for me, but also for the head of that company, who has gone through hell for her own reasons. I wish her well, and sincerely hope for blessings and happiness to come to her.

Things are moving quickly. I’ll keep you all updated. We’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen. Eight long years. But this time, it will.


xo Alisa Valdes


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UPDATE, January 1, 2011: The Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez blog posts referred to here no longer appear on her site. Valdes-Rodriguez hinted that certain blog posts would very likely be deleted in accordance to the statement she published at Please Respect NBC.

NEW UPDATE, 5:44pm EST, December 25: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez has just posted another blog on her site called NBC sends me a cease and desist letter on Xmas. It has been a wild Christmas in the Latino social media world today.

Here is the opening of the post:

Twas the night before Christmas, and…I got a cease and desist letter from lawyers at NBC via an email sent to my agent at CAA, demanding that I stop blogging and Facebooking (but, oddly, no demand to stop Tweeting) about Luisa Leschin, Lynnette Ramirez and Ann Lopez destroying my novel in their racist and sexist bastardization – er, “adaptation” – of it.

Later in the post, she reveals the details of the deal she made with Ann Lopez:

I remember wondering, in that moment, how much respect Ann must have for me, the lowly writer she paid a mere $5,000 to option my book rights for 12 months, if she had such overt contempt for network executives.

A lot of details are being presented in these posts.

For the full blog post, click here.

Here is what we previously reported this morning:

This story is moving as fast as Twitter. After posting news about how Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez was featured on Perez Hilton, the social media tweets from Valdes-Rodriguez continued into Christmas morning. Here is what she posted around 2 am EST on December 25:

In a response to a reader, Valdes-Rodriguez tweets:

Yep. Cease + desist telling the world how NBC f—-d up my own book. Hahahahaha

Finally, she closes her night with this tweet:

The reference to the “swede” is a metaphor to the Julian Assange incident.

UPDATE TO THIS TWEET: As of 11:30 am EST, Valdes-Rodriguez tweeted apologies about this previous comment, after she received replies from accounts such as @metalmujer and @CrissLCox.

BREAKING: RECENT TWEETS as of this morning, December 25 around 11:15 EST:

As of 3:10 pm EST today, Valdes-Rodriguez continues to engage her stream and connect with supporters.

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