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We all fall into the social media trap. We set up our profiles, our accounts, our content, then we get some friends, fans, followers, and likes. Things pick up a bit, but they never seem to turn the corner. We get stuck in the hundreds when we want to reach the thousands, the tens of thousands, and eventually the hundreds of thousands.

The reason is a simple one: when it comes to social media, the vast majority of us would rather shout than share.

What do I mean? When you are actively working your social media presence, do you act this way:

1. You shout about your own profile.
2. You shout about your own product.
3. You shout about your own blog.
4. You shout about your own links.
5. You shout about your own comments.

You are a one-way shouting and streaming machine. All that shouting leads to way too much noise online. And you wonder why you might get frustrated and why you are not getting the visits to your sites that you thought social media would bring you. To truly achieve your goal, you need to change the way you approach your social media strategy and act this way:

Share other people’s profiles with other people who will be interested in them. Do not underestimate the power of connecting two people together on Twitter through an introduction or tagging a Facebook profile on your feed.

Share other people’s products. Start a community and invite people to talk about what they are doing in the community you have initiated. Let them take the lead. You are just the moderator of the discussion, and they are the generators of the content. They, not you, take the stage.

Share other people’s blogs. If you read something you loved, share that with others. Share it immediately. Say that you loved the content of the piece because you actually did. Your stream will respond if you keep finding great content for them.

Share other people’s links. Similar to blogs, allow your readers, followers, fans, and likes to post their relevant links to your pages. Not only will it create the open environment you are striving for in social media, it will also add value to your own content.

Share other people’s comments. This one is key: You have to respond to all the comments you receive anywhere you receive them, whether they are on your blog, on your social media sites, or in your inboxes. You must always be someone who wants to converse with the people who want to talk with you. There are so many distractions online that when you find those seconds of true connection, savor them. Always be replying.

Need an example? Go to this blog called The First 99 People to Follow on Twitter. It is what sharing is all about. That blog, written by @HilzFuld, captures the essence of being a sharer and not a shouter.

So, remember: It’s always more fun to share with everyone.

Hit it, Mr. Jack Johnson.

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Hola, mi gente. Here is my Viva Viernes list for el 10 de julio. Mi hija cumple 9 hoy. Wow. Wow. Wow. ¡Abrazos!

Yo, @julito77 recomiendo a:

@Schedulicity: I am so happy that I have a new “socia” in the Viva Viernes effort. The moment this amazing Tweep showed up in my stream, Viva Viernes got a little bit better. BTW, check out their scheduling software. ¡Muy cool!

@blogadera: If you are a Latino blogger, then you MUST connect with Blogadera. Hey, they now post a real-time Viva Viernes stream. ¡Fabuloso!

@ccolmenar: I follow Cathy because she offers great value to my stream and also has an amazing background and represents the Latina pride! Also, from San Antonio, my favorite city.

@josieinthecity: Another strong Latina who is from NYC. Hey, that is all I need. Keep it up, you Media Maven! Love your tweets.

@synbad: Because this TWIXICANO (loves it!) knows his music, has a cool vibe, and I know he can totally outrhyme me, so it’s just best to follow him. ¡México!

¡Feliz fin de semana!

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It is July 10, 2009 (unlike what I said in my video), and nine years ago, my daughter was born. Wow, time flies. Anyway, here is my list for FollowFriday. Hope you have a chance to follow these great people and get value from each one.

Today, @julito77 Recommends:

@PublishGroup: Ok, I know this is a bit weird because it I am asking you to follow my own company, Publish, but we are a company that does engage and will reply to you. Really… we will.

@1800GotJunk: This is a GREAT example of how a well-established company is doing it right on Twitter. Add a great product, great conversations, and some Canadian humor, and you have a wonderful combination. Awesome group.

@ganoexcelcoffee: This is a brand on the rise and for someone so new to Twitter, they are already engaging and understanding how to interact with their customers. Yeah, it also doesn’t hurt to have a great coffee product that gives you the health benefits of coffee without the downfalls (like the shakes). A top-notch company, worldwide. My family has had the distinct pleasure of getting to know their management team this month, and we were so impressed by their operations and professionalism.

@lawain: I had the pleasure of meeting Lawain about 5 months ago, and I am so glad I did. Lawain’s experience is in the financial services industry, and it has been a joy to watch him transform himself with social media. He is a huge sports fan (big plus for me), but he is also a great soul, a great friend, and someone I trust and respect.

@shawnrecruits4u: I just love Shawn, not only because he is an awesome person, but he is doing what I admire so much: taking the best of his business experience as a recruiter in Silcon Valley and applying to a great social media strategy. Shawn uses Social Media to complement his offline efforts. Perfect. I always enjoy connecting with him.

Have a great weekend.

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