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This is a bit hard to understand, but once in a while I will just be a All-American and red-blooded male, without sounding like a sexist pig. Ok, this is probably going to sound sexist and pig-like. Apologies in advance.

However, there are certain things that make me happy. The Red Sox. US Soccer. My Family. My Friends. Puerto Rican Polls That Show How Unpopular Luis Fortuõ Is. And then there is Hope Freaking Solo.

Yesterday, the American Goalie Goddess (see my Facebook profile and you will get it) tweeted the the following on her stream:

It might be hard to believe that ESPN THE MAGAZINE would actually show Hope going all Solo in his comfortable skin. However, even if it doesn’t happen, this was my Tweet of the Year!


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So, forget about the Mexico loss and the fact that US Men’s Coach Bob Bradley should be fired.

Today, the United States Women’s Team starts its 2011 World Cup quest in Germany. We are pumped. Sure, the soccer will be great, but our hearts will be all a flutter at 11:45 EST today on ESPN, when the US Women face North Korea.

Our reason. Just two words:


Why are we in love with Hope?

  1. She is a kick-ass goalie.
  2. She has the coolest last name in the world.
  3. Anyone who has Hope as a name represents all that is good in the world.
  4. She is drop-dead gorgeous.
GO USA!!!!!

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