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Ok, mi gente, first of all it was WINDY in Boston today and I apologize for the wind (damn you, weather!) but I really wanted to do the video outside.

Hope you are having a great Viva Viernes. Here is the list of people I am following today in the video:

@frankienegron: cool singer awesome Twitter vibe
@beinglatino: because Being Latino is a social media movement
@JohnLeguizamo: because he is one of my favorite actors ever and I love his funny tweets
@AmericanLatina: because she always engages and go DC!
@John_Rivera: because my man loves his old school music, I mean, the REAL old school music

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Hey, guys

Today was a crazy, fun day. I taught Star Wars Camp to 22 boys under 8 this week and it was fun, although challenging. I’ll take all-day meetings over that, but it is over, and in the end, the boys had a blast. So, no video today, since I am also getting ready for my daughter’s Annie debut tonight in her premiere play! So exciting.

Here is the Follow Friday list and my recommendations:

@activate: I have probably already recommended Jim Delaney and his amazing sports marketing company in Boston, but since he is the second father to my children, he gets another rec. Jim is awesome, savvy, and knows his sports marketing. I do this so I can keep getting good seats to sporting events.

@PaulSegreto: I met Paul through my Chicago sister and adopted Varela, Gini Dietrich. Paul loves his baseball, and he just loves to have a good time on Twitter. Have always loved his vibe.

@retroplustees: Yeah, I have this thing with t-shirt companies, like RizzoTees, another adopted Varela, and this is cool. The Retro Plus is another brother from another mother. Please follow. You won’t be disappointed.

@shashmc: The moment she said that my Spam Police idea was a cool one, I said, done, you get a recommendation today. Yay!

@luiserpa : I love Brazil, and I love Brazilians. I want to be Brazilian. I want to be Luis. A great guy, so cool. And yes, I met him in person through Gini Dietrich. See a pattern here?

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