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As reported by Fox News Latino today, a new survey by the Pew Research Foundation released this past Monday provides a more analytic look at how American view immigration issues in the 21st century.  Here are some of the conclusions that the Pew survey, conducted Feb. 2-7 among 1,385 adults, reveals:

  • The idea of increased border security combined with a citizenship path to illegal immigrants already residing in the US is an option most Americans would support.
  • 57% of Americans oppose changing the Constitution for the sole purpose of denying automatic birthright citizenship of children of illegal immigrants born in the US.
  • 61% of Americans support Arizona’s controversial immigration law, which allows law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of individuals. However, according to the survey, 27% of Hispanics are in favor of the law,  as compared to 72% of Whites and 42% of Blacks. Support and opposition is also categorized by political affiliation as 54% of Democrats oppose the law while 88% of Republicans support it. 62% of Independents support the law and 34% disapprove of it.
  • The survey also called out what self-identified Tea Party members think. 57% of Tea Party members support a change to Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship with 38% opposing a change.

On the Facebook page of Fox News Latino, fans of the page have already started to comment and share their thoughts about the FNL story and the survey. Here are just a few of the posts that appeared there tonight (Editor’s Note: we did not edit any of these comments):

People who’s birth took place in this nation are citizens and not “undocumented,” as stated by the constitution (addressing the first sentence). The issue with border “security” is that a lot of Conservative don’t see the line between patrolling the border (to return people to their nations of origin) v. building a wall at the border (to keep all others out). If we pass job creating legislation to identify and naturalize already resident immigrants, things should work out much better. More jobs, more money being paid into the government and more tax paying citizens.

I agree with tougher enforcement and a path to Residency before citizenship… And we need to crack hard on the drug stuff too

In other countries if atleast one of your parents is not a citizen of that country then the child is not a citenzen.. The only reason that amendment is in the constitution is because of the discrimination againts people brought here AGAINTS THEIR WILL.. Not otherwise specified. 🙂

Other parts of the survey focused on how Americans view jobs and illegal immigration. Below are all the infographics that Pew shared with their article:

This survey paints a different picture from the more extremist views dominating the conversation, both nationally and in Arizona. Maybe there is hope for America after all.

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This is the moment. The is the time for Latino influencers in social media to take their message mainstream. No more niche communities. No more small groups. 2011 is the year. The year we go mainstream.

How do we know? Let us show you the way.

Exhibit A: Create The Disruptive Event

This week’s TOP GEAR fiasco catapulted this blog to a different level. Want proof? Here are the search terms that brought people to our blog yesterday. We have 87 terms that brought people to this blog.

Here is image 1:

Here is image 2:

Notice the topics? Yup, the “disruptive event” that brings people to read a blog occurred this week for us. Thank you. Google.

Exhibit 2: People Will Come

When you write about the right “disruptive event,” people will come. Here are our current traffic stats:


Daily Page Views

Monthly Page Views


Yes, we are going mainstream.


So, are you ready to join us? Are you ready to start taking the power that you have as a Latino influential and turning that power into what this is all about: getting people to read your content and connect with you? Then do these simple things:


  • Celebrate Latinos in Social Media: #LATISM

And keep working it. Support your friends. Share their content. Write good content. Comment on other content. Share. Share. Share. With no expectations. That is how you go mainstream. With a lot of hard work and support from others, you will get there. ¡VivaViernes!


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Today, Fox News Latino, a site that features the latest breaking news, politics, economic and lifestyle stories impacting the Latino community, announced an initial content-sharing partnership with Being Latino, the fastest growing and largest Latino-based fan page on Facebook.

The partnership will involve cross-linking between FNL’s Latino News of the Week feature and BL’s Being Latino on Facebook feature. The Latino News would appear on BL’s site and the Being Latino on Facebook would appear on FNL’s site. The goal of this unique arrangement is to connect the sites’ readers and fans to the respective sites.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Being Latino. We think it’s a natural match,” said Adrian Carrasquillo, a producer/writer for Fox News Latino who also manages FNL’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. “Fox News Latino provides Being Latino with the ‘Latino News of the Week’, five of our top stories, in a bit.ly bundle. They give us ‘Being Latino This Week on Facebook’, a look at the Latino Facebook conversation.”

Being Latino founder Lance Ríos agrees: “I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to partner up with Fox News Latino. We chose to move forward given we shared many of the same values and applaud FNL’s efforts for recognizing that there are English-speaking Latinos (both Left and Right) who are interested in current events. EVP of Blogger Relations, Libby Julia-Vasquez, will be writing the weekly blurb summing up the most popular blogs from our talented roster of bloggers for the week and will submit to FNL in a section named ‘Being Latino this week on Facebook.’ I can’t be more excited for this opportunity and thank the forward-thinking staff at FNL for being equally as confident in us as we are with them.”

We think this partnership is, as they say in the blogging biz, a “no brainer.” Very exciting news.

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