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In what is a very bizarre political marriage, Puerto Rican Republican Governor and pro-statehooder Luis Fortuño has been showcased on Fox News as a “rising star of the Republican Party.” The following videos from Fox confirm that the promotion of Fortuño has been calculated and deliberate.

Meanwhile, Fortuño, who has still not commented about the highly charged critical comments made US Congressman Luis Gutiérrez on the floor of Congress, is now being rumored as a possible VP candidate for Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney. If that bizarre rumor were to become true, would Fortuño need to reside officially in a US state on the mainland, since right now his living in Puerto Rico would not make him eligible to run for the VP office? We think that all this Republican lovefest for Fortuño is a bit premature, since the governor would need to leave his post in San Juan before the end of his term in 2013.

Governor Luis Fortuño

As the post about Fortuño’s vice presidential hopes states:

Taking a page out of the Democrats play book the Republican Party may be quietly weighing the possibilities of a surprise 2012 Presidential Ticket of Mitt Romney and Puerto Rico Govenor Luis Fortuño.

One very clear indicator of this possibility, as well as Democrats fear of such a move, is the following recent quote by Andrew Romano of the Liberal Mouthpiece Newsweek Magazine:

“Allow me, then, to introduce you. Fortuño is the governor of Puerto Rico, which, as you may have learned in fifth-grade social-studies class, is a United States commonwealth located to the east of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Yes, Fortuño is a U.S. citizen. And, yes, he is a true-blue, Reagan- and National Review-loving member of the GOP—despite the liberal leanings of his native island”

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