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me: We are talking with Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich,
a PR firm that is doing amazing work with social media
Gini, why do you use Twitter?
ginidietrich: hey now! not just social media…it’s all communication
with an emphasis on digital
why do i use twitter? other than it’s lots of fun?
it’s really helped us build credibility for
arment dietrich and traffic for spin sucks


me: How has it built credibility for your company?
ginidietrich: it’s given us the ability to expand our reach with the stroke of a key.
we’ve never before been able to work internationally because of the costs.
now we work with international partners daily.


me: That is cool. Where are your international clients from?
ginidietrich: we have clients in the UK, sweden, hong kong, and australia
oh! and canada.


me: Canada doesn’t count. Isn’t that part of the US? Ha!
ginidietrich: i feel like they are! i love canadians!


me: Ok. How has Twitter changed over the last three years?
ginidietrich: wow. it’s changed in so many ways,
but stayed the same in many others.
i always said twitter would become a place for PR people to
interact with clients, stakeholders, and media.
and i think it’s really moving there now.
but it’s also still one big networking party
that isn’t so serious all the time.


me: Let’s talk about Twitter being a fun place.
Why do you think some brands don’t see Twitter as being fun?
ginidietrich: i think it’s like what chris said when you talked to him…
they see it as another place to sell their wares
and don’t use it as a conversation tool.
it’s all one way for them
and they don’t use it appropriately.


me: Do you think brands will ever “get” Twitter?
ginidietrich: i don’t think all brands will get twitter.
it’s like anything else.
some companies succeed in spite of themselves.


me: Now for my Inside the Actor’s Studio question.
If you were running Twitter, what would you do to improve it?
ginidietrich: if i were running twitter, i’d have figured out a way to monetize already.
i’m a high twitter user and you gave me access to special features no one else had,
i’d be willing to pay for it. it’s a shame they haven’t used their own tool
to ask users what they think.


me: What sucks about Twitter?
ginidietrich: i hate auto DMs and the random tweets from people you’ve never talked to
who ask you for something because they perceive you can help them.


me: Who are the best Twitter profiles right now?
ginidietrich: as in people to follow?
me: Yup
ginidietrich: gosh…other than the two of us and the posse?
me: yes
ginidietrich: LOL


ginidietrich: OK. @dannybrown @joey_strawn @nittygriddyblog
@skypulsemedia @markwschaefer @mitchjoel
@conversationage @bethharte @abarcelos
@c_pappas @kmueller62 @bdorman264
@rachaelseda and…of course @spinsucks (run by @lisagerber)
me: Wow that is a stream


ginidietrich: i really hate questions like that because you inevitably leave someone out!
me: You’re in trouble now
Last question
What is the future of Twitter?
ginidietrich: oh i think it dies a slow death.
i actually thought it’d be dead by now…
i predicted its death last year.
it’s really surprising for a company that’s not making money to still exist.


me: Wow, you are obsessed with money
ginidietrich: it’s the only way i can buy shoes and wine!
me: And cheese dip!
Thank you so much, Gini. You are a digital rockstar.
ginidietrich: and cheese dip! love you julito!


To follow Gini, go to @ginidietrich

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After stating two days ago that she had made all the statements she needed to make and would now focus on legal action, author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, who claims that the TV script adaptation of her book, The Dirty Girls Social Club, is racist, sexist, and promotes Latina stereotypes, continues to tweet and post updates on her public Twitter and Facebook sites.

The award-winning author, who revealed last week on her blog that she obtained a leaked copy of the NBC script being developed by Ann Lopez’s Encanto Productions and written by Luisa Leschin, called the script a “bastardization” of her book and started sharing her thoughts on social media. Web outlets, such as PerezHilton.com, The Frisky, JezebelFishbowlLA (MediaBistro), and The Boston Globe, have written about the content of her blogs.

Fox News and CBS Early Show Interested?

Among her many tweets today, Valdes-Rodriguez hinted earlier this evening that major TV outlets are inquiring about her story:

Fox News and CBS Early Show both inquiring about me coming on to talk. Interestinger and interestinger she goes.

In addition, Valdes-Rodriguez today changed her profile picture on both Facebook and Twitter. She also changed her Twitter bio to read: Writer. Social Critic. Mom. This is a common occurrence with social media profiles, but it suggests to us that Valdes-Rodriguez is committed to sharing her point of view to her social media networks.

As for the other principals in the story, there has still been no public comment by NBC, Lopez, Leschin, Encanto Productions, or Creative Artists Agency (CAA), whom Valdes-Rodriguez claims stopped representing her on Sunday for her young adult book. (We have contacted each principal through email, but have not received a response.)

In the meantime, Valdes-Rodriguez has been active with her public social media network (her Twitter stream is public and her Facebook profile is also public with no privacy settings), sharing updates such as the following:

  • “You cannot stand for something important without making enemies.”
  • It is from my amazing immigrant father that I learned: Just because a thing is always done a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s right. #think”
  • “When Fidel Castro took power in Cuba in 1959, there were five synagogues in Havana alone. Seems silly to make the Cuban Jewish character on a show “American” for seeming “Jewish” to you, doesn’t it? And, no, I don’t care who it confuses. Facts are facts.
  • “There are 47 million Latinos in the US. Media wants them. But media ignores 56 million Latinos in our hemisphere who are black. #fuzzyassmath”
  • “I never thought I’d utter these words, but… I love my lawyer.”
  • 84% of Dominicans are African. Dominicans were the largest immigrant group to NYC in 1990s. 1.5 million in the U.S.; seems silly to therefore get rid of the only Dominican character in a show aimed at Latinos because she ‘seems black’ to you, doesn’t it?

Valdes-Rodriguez has stated in her blogs that she finds the script’s intention to change the ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation of key characters in the book to be extremely offensive. Her current tweets and updates suggest that these issues need to be accurate and true to her story, and not to the examples she claims are included in the script she obtained.

As this story unfolds (and we think it will only gather more momentum), there is no doubt:  Valdes-Rodriguez believes in the power of social media. Will that power translate to a resolution in her favor?

UPDATE, January 1, 2011: The Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez blog posts referred to here no longer appear on her site. Valdes-Rodriguez hinted that certain blog posts would very likely be deleted in accordance to the statement she published at Please Respect NBC.

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If you have been active with our Twitter stream the last two months, you might have come across Our Gift to Gini Dietrich: with all this emphasis on Twitter numbers and Twitter followers, we told @ginidietrich that if she got 10,000 followers, we would write her a song and make a video. Why? Because we thought it would be fun and we wanted to pay tribute to one of Twitter’s best.

The reaction to this has been interesting, to say the least. We have gotten several tweets from people all over Twitter asking us, no, begging us, to write the song and post the video.

Well, here it is: the Twitter premier of Gini 10K. Hope you like and if you do, let us know! Ha!

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