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I am excited.

For this very simple reason: @gopalo (non Twitter name is PALO!), one of the first bands to embrace #LATISM, will be in Boston this weekend, playing at Ryles in Inman Sqaure. This very talented and unique group from Miami is starting to make national appearances, and I can’t wait to be there. I had a chance this week to speak with Palo! member Steve Roitsein, and we talked about how social media is the perfect forum to promote a band’s music.



PALO! has become a favorite among South Florida’s live music devotees. The group plays a style of extremely danceable music they call “Afro-Cuban Funk”. Their appeal lies in their unmatched musical energy, catchy original songs, and amazing display of impromptu virtuosity. A mix of Latin and Urban sounds gives PALO! their unique, infectious style.

JRV: Why social media?
STEVE: All of the members of PALO! are very sociable and friendly. I represent PALO! on Twitter and Facebook but we all like to communicate with our friends and fans. Facebook and Twitter make that very convenient.

JRV: Has social media helped increase your audience?
STEVE: Definitely. Sometimes people will look on Facebook and see that their friends like PALO! so this helps them discover us. Often, a Twitter conversation about another topic, like Cuban food, for instance (one of my favorite subjects) will lead people to find out more about who they’re Tweeting with. Then they’ll click on the profile @gopalo and then Our PALO! site where they hear the music. Usually this gets a positive response, like “Wow, that’s amazing music!” They often follow this up by finding out where we’re performing or wanting to buy our music.

JRV: Palo! is unofficial band of Latinos in Social Media. How has LATISM helped your band’s promotion?
STEVE: LATISM has introduced me to all kinds of wonderful people. Since many people on LATISM speak Spanish, they can appreciate PALO!’s lyrics. Also, many are bi-cultural and like our blend of Funk beats with Afro-Cuban sounds. People on the LATISM chats seem to be open to networking; we’ve even obtained gigs from chatting on LATISM! Thanks, Julio!

JRV: You are starting to play in venues far away from Miami. Why do you think that is so?
STEVE: It seems like our music appeals to many different people; PALO! has fans all over the world. Just look at PALO on Facebook and you’ll see. I think the recent increase in shows outside of South Florida is just due to venues and promoters becoming aware of us and wanting to invite us to perform. Social Media has certainly helped in creating this awareness.

JRV: How is 2011 looking like for the band?
STEVE: As our conga player Philbert would say, “¡Como los dioses!” In 2011, we hope to continue to perform for our friends in other cities and countries, and keep on funkin’ up South Florida as always. We’re currently working on our second album, which we hope to release this year as well. Stay in touch: it’s gonna be slammin’!!!

Want to see Palo! in Boston? Buy your tickets ($10 each) here: BUY PALO! TICKETS.

Still not convinced? Listen to one of PALO!’s songs right on their site!

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