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Yes, we have readers. Most of them are respectful, even those who don’t agree with us.

And then you have pornstarbiker@gmail.com, who yesterday shared these nuggets of intellect (bad spelling errors included) with us yesterday.

Here you go. Yup, Latino hate is alive and well.

“when you say ‘undocumented’, you mean ILLEGAL right? Why don’t you quit sugar coating it. If you are here ILLEGALY, we don’t want you. Furhtermore, we don’t want the scum of Mexico-of whom Mexico doesn’t even want-plaguing our jails, our schools, our cities and our neighbohoods. There is a difference between descent hispanic people and these ILLEGAL criminal scum who are invading our country. I personally think these two young men should be given a medal for their patriatism. If an American were to sneak into Mehico illegaly, then they’d also be beaten or jailed, etc. ILLEGALS don’t deserve any special treatment, other than the kind that unfortunately landed these to bright and young AMERICAN males in prison. ILLEGALS undercut wages, rape our women, sell drugs, murder AMERICAN citezens, and here you are crying for some ILLEGAL lowlife. You make me sick.”

Thanks for your insightful analysis, pornstarbiker!

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When we posted the letter warning of a Latino “invasion” written by Glendale (AZ) Elementary School District substitute teacher Tony Hill and addressed to Arizona Republican Senate President Russell Pearce, many of our readers thought it was a hoax.

It’s not.

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce

Several major news outlets confirmed that the leadership of the Glendale district have indeed Hill as the writer and will be investigation his allegations.

The Associated Press reports the following:

A metropolitan Phoenix school district has launched an inquiry into a substitute teacher who wrote a letter that portrayed Hispanic students in a harsh light and was read aloud last week at the Arizona Legislature during a debate on an immigration bill.

The Glendale Elementary School District said it has determined that some statements by teacher Tony Hill in his letter to Senate President Russell Pearce were inaccurate.

In the letter, Hill said a majority of the eighth-graders he had recently taught at a Glendale school had refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance and declared that Americans had stolen their land. Hill also wrote that while substitute teaching in the area, he came to believe that “most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather (want to) be gang members and gangsters.”

The letter quickly inflamed the immigration debate in Arizona. A Republican in the Legislature read the letter on the Senate floor during the immigration debate. Democrats expressed suspicion that it was a hoax that had no place in the public debate on immigration.

District spokesman Jim Cummings said all students questioned in the inquiry have said everyone stood for the pledge and that none said their land had been stolen. “What we are finding here — and what we believe — is that the statements that he made weren’t accurate,” Cummings said.

In the meantime, Pearce had distributed Hill’s letter to all his Republican colleagues in the Arizona Senate. During the debate of several anti-immigration bills on the Senate floor, one senator read Hill’s letter publicly.

Arizona Republican State Senator Lori Klein publicly read Tony Hill's on the floor of the Arizona Senate

According the AP, Pearce was unapologetic:

The letter was the subject of heated exchanges on the Senate floor Wednesday as Pearce refused to apologize.

“It’s read on the floor as factual,” said Democratic Sen. Steve Gallardo of Phoenix, the Senate’s most outspoken critic of the letter.

Pearce said no one from the Senate owes an apology for reading the letter. “It was all verified,” Pearce said. “I’m disappointed that we assault and attack a teacher for speaking out.”

He said the letter wasn’t about Hispanics, but rather was about what went on in a classroom where students were disruptive.

In an interview after the debate, Republican Sen. Lori Klein, who read the letter aloud on the Senate floor last week, said she didn’t regret bringing to light a teacher’s experience, but that she doesn’t believe all Hispanic students want to be gang members.

As to whether she believes the school district’s findings thus far, Klein said, “I don’t think the district wants to be embarrassed,” Klein said.

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(Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking)

Dear America:

We need to pause. We need to pause right now.

We need to stop pointing to maps with targets and blogs that say “she is DEAD to me.” We need to stop tweeting, posting, commenting, and sharing our thoughts about what side of the political spectrum is to blame.

We need to share more about the events that have transpired and about the people who died from the gun of a murderer. The time to reflect on the issues is for later. Right now, Tucson mourns and so do you, America.

What has happened to you? Close to 10 years ago, we were united in our greatest tragedy. We looked into each other’s eyes and we cried together. We embraced. We vowed to vaporize the evil that was destroying us. We were one, America. Then things deteriorated. The highest office in your land, America, became fodder for hate. Not once, but twice. The cycle of rhetoric and ratings continued, from both sides of the extreme. And the middle stayed quiet. Until now.

America, you are a crumbling nation that is quick to point fingers and scream with extremes just to prove a point while a little girl is buried, others die, and a public servant clings for her life. So to the following Americans listed below, we say, please pause this, please stop shouting your message and posting your thoughts in the interest of “news.” Unless you have actual facts about this tragedy, we ask you to pause for now. This story is not about you and it never will be. The issues that trouble this story (political extremism, immigration, mental illness, isolation, freedom of speech, violence, guns) will still be with us. Let’s pause and mourn. Dedicate yourselves to that and not comments like these:

Keith Olbermann

Rush Limbaugh

Let’s say that the dead individual happened to be a Democrat Judge, and the wounded individual is a Republican Member of Congress. Who do you think the media would be focused on in that incident?  It’s a rhetorical question, but we have the answer to it.

Glenn Beck

I have so desperately this weekend looked for a leader, looked for someone with common sense, looked for someone who would tell the truth. Instead I find a sheriff who has no facts and blames it on talk radio. Instead I find, I believe it was Time magazine that said, if I may quote: ‘We have none of the facts yet, but who would be surprised if this was a Glenn Beck fan.’ I’ve looked for anyone that would not play politics with it.


Markos Moulitsas


These are just a few of your more influential Americans adding fuel to the fire online. They place politics over tragedy, rhetoric over reason. They rile up their fans, who then go looking for others to criticize, insult and hurt, all in the name of freedom.

Turn the noise off, America. Filter your streams. Share the stories of heroes and victims. We have faith in you.

The culture of the shouting ego is over.

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