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So, we were thinking: with the holidays approaching and 2009 nearing its end, how we do celebrate some of our social media accomplishments in 2009? Sure, we will still try to think of more ways to engage with our followers, fans, and friends, but we wanted to do something different, something generated by our followers, fans, and friends.

So we came up with a crazy idea: in honor of #VivaViernes (the Twitter version of a “viernes social”), we are asking anyone to submit a video of themselves singing the official #VivaViernes theme song, “Mi Gente,” by the great Héctor Lavoe.

Huh, you say? Yes, video yourself singing the song, and then send the video (actual file) to us and v5 will create an edited “Mi Gente” video with everyone who submits a video to celebrate an amazing year on social media.

Need the music and lyrics?

Here is the video:

And here are the lyrics:

Cuidado que por ahí vienen los anormales

Oigan mi gente, lo más grande de este mundo
siempre me hacen sentir un orgullo profundo

Los llamé no me preguntaron dónde
orgulloso estoy de ustedes,
mi gente siempre responde….

Vinieron todos para oírme guarachar
pero como soy de ustedes los invitaré
a gozar, conmigo sí van a bailar,
yo lo invitaré a cantar, conmigo sí….

Que cante mi gente

So, if you want to be part of the video celebration, take a moment to video yourself singing to the song or just saying “Hola, mi gente,” or whatever, and we will edit this video and post it to share with everyone.

PS If you have the video file ready, ping us via DM at our Twitter site and we will give you uploading instructions.



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We love Héctor Lavoe, El Cantante. His music speaks to us. And we just came across this amazing footage from 1973 in Robert Clemente Stadium in Puerto Rico, singing the official theme song of VivaViernes. Enjoy!

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