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In one year, LatinoRebels.com, an independent media page founded by 20 other individuals (including myself), has outpaced other more established mainstream Latino media pages as well as several independent Latino online pages. We agree 100% that the Latino digital space is a growing and untapped market, and the fact that several pages are beginning to hit a sweet spot when it comes to traffic and unique visitors should serve a call to brands and organizations that are trying to capitalize on a market that has become digitally savvy and influential. Conferences like LATISM and Hispanicize are taking the lead in communicating this message to the mainstream and we welcome all pages that are creating and curating what was once an underserved market.

So far, according to our own Google Analytics, LatinoRebels.com has achieved the following traffic on a shoestring budget and with a social media strategy that spans several platforms (we are active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, G+, Tumblr, Storify, and Instragram) for our different niche markets: 303,131 visits, 239,094 unique visitors, 432,598 pageviews, and 78.79% new visitors, with 21.21% returning visitors. Since January 1, 2012, LatinoRebels has gotten 238,806 visits, 183,204 unique visitors, 342,571 pageviews, which if we average out for all of 2012, would are anticipating the following 2012 yearly traffic: 576,000 visits, 445,000 unique visitors, and 834,000 pageviews. That would result is an 900% increase in yearly traffic between 2011 and 2012. In addition, our current visitors spend an average of 1:07 minutes on our site per visit. Even though social media helps us to get more readers to our site, the goal of our company is to highlight our main site and share stories and content we feel is relevant to our community.

This past April, according to Compete.com (which works of a sample of 2 million Internet user profiles in the United States only), LatinoRebels gained more unique US visitors (12,234 measured on April 20) than the following English-language Latino media and cultural sites:: NBC Latino (12,181 UVS), Univision News (7,612 UVS), News Taco (9,929 UVS), Being Latino (10,127 UVS), Pocho.com (2,992 UVS), Voxxi (11,340 UVS), and Remezlca (7,033 UVS). Our current Compete.com ranking is 129,171 in the US and we saw a 74.50% increase in our UVS for the US in April. FYI, the most successful independent Latino media page we came across on Compete was Hispanically Speaking News with an impressive 47,384 UVS for April.

Besides Google Analytics and our own WordPress analytics (our SlimStats since May 6, 2012 have listed 99,859 hits to our site—search engines, bots, and humans combined—with 12,522 unique IPS in the span between May 6-May 19). This data slice confirms that our current unique human traffic according to our own internal stats averages about 30,000 uniques with about 50,000 pageviews (Our content and stories in March still had us at 50,000 uniques and 100,000 pageviews) per month in 2012 right now.

Another tool that partners and our clients use to measure us is Alexa. We don’t think Alexa is the end all and be all of traffic (and you need to enhance its data with your own internal data), but it is an industry standard used by many to “check you out.” As of today, May 20, 2012, our current Alexa ranking is as follows: 163,009 of all the Alexa-tracked web pages in the world and 39,698 in the US. We have accomplished this in a span on just one year and 20 days. In the last three months, our Alexa traffic has increased 150% although this past month we have seen a dip in traffic (blame it on the good spring weather).

Compared to other similar sites, LatinoRebels.com can definitely say that it is one of the top Latino media pages in the world. Here is where we stand with other sites:

MAY 20, 2012 Alexa Rankings (by GLOBAL RANKINGS)

  1. Hispanically Speaking News: 55,509 global, 13,380 US
  2. Voxxi: 105,501 global, 30,620 US
  3. Remezcla: 143,043 gloval, 26,263 US
  4. Latino Rebels: 163,009 global, 39,698 US
  5. Being Latino: 247,612 global, 48,184 US
  6. Latism: 269,282 global, 41,566 US
  7. NBC Latino: 315,389 global, 66,316 US
  8. Univision News: 324,654 global, 84,597 US
  9. Hispanicize: 330,208 global, 86,204 US
  10. Pocho.com: 481,821 global, 110,355 US
  11. News Taco: 568,719 global, 166,033 US

Again, this is just a sample of some pages that are part of our daily Latino online universe. We don’t list this ranking as a competition, but instead to put the context of where Latino Rebels stands within this world. In the end, having ALL Latino-themed pages doing well (and many are) is a great thing. However, this data confirms that Latino Rebels is getting the traffic, and even after our explosive growth of early 2012, we have been able to sustain our traffic and we have become a viable destination page for readers who are looking for US Latino content and information on a global level.

We have yet to truly dive into the product branding world, since we like our independent streak and our ability to control our own destiny, but we do welcome any dialogue with any group, brand, or organization that thinks our page’s vibe and content is of value to them. Quite frankly, if the fit is right, we will be more than happy to share stories, content, ideas, profiles, etc. that speak to the growing world of the US Latino digital space.

Finally, we believe that our group has the savvy and expertise to help anyone, both Latino-themed brands and non-Latino ones. In less than 13 months, we literally went from 0 to becoming one of the top Latino pages (and now pages) in the world. We do it a bit differently than others, but we can assure you that we will deliver. Just look at the numbers. They don’t lie.

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In response to what appears to have been a very public airing of dirty laundry among major Latino social media organizations, Hispanicize also issued a statement to clarify their views about recent developments that led to accusations of unprofessional behavior.

We don’t have all the details and in fact, we don’t care why this occurred, but we do believe the following: ATTACKING AND ACCUSING among similar online groups serves no purpose. It creates an atmosphere of division, jealousy, anger, and frustration. Social media is not about competition and ego-blasting, it is about sharing, caring, supporting, mentoring, and humility. Those are the principles we should be sharing in all instances.

Here is their statement, which posted on their blog today:

Collaboration Will Foster Growth of Latino Social Media


It was a bizarre time for us at Hispanicize last week.  Barely days after our Hispanicize 2011 conference, certain people who we do not even know took to personally attacking us, falsely accusing us of having a secret partnership with folks from one social media organization, hating on our friends at BeingLatino and much worse.

Our policy is not to respond to unfounded accusations because we believe the body of our work over almost THREE YEARS speaks for itself: two leading online content platforms covering Latino social media (Hispanicize) and public relations (Hispanic PR Blog) as well as two highly acclaimed national conferences that have pioneered the Latino social media space.

Other organizations have clarified their position so our industry friends have recommended that we make our own clarifications:

Hispanicize will not condone, support or even retweet any public attacks against other organizations, individuals or companies.  A lot of Latino organizations and people get attacked online all the time but as a matter of principle we do not repost, rebroadcast or retweet anything about them because that’s the same as creating or supporting those things being published.  As an industry colleague wrote recently, shame on those who stir divisions.

Despite being a for-profit, Hispanicize we will not waver in our commitment to Latino bloggers and social media marketing professionals.  As our own conference modeled for the world recently, we will continue to build online and offline forums for collaboration and unity in this growing space and we will continue to provide these communities with countless free, professional development services because these tools are needed.  This belief is what compels us to produce the annual Hispanic Social Media Guide, the yearlong Latino Blogger Training Series and the Hispanic Social Media Insights Webinars series, among other things.

Hispanicize will continue to provide thought leadership content that helps propel ALL Latina and Latino bloggers forward regardless of whether they blog for personal, private or business gain.  We do this because we are passionately committed to helping ALL Latino bloggers – English and Spanish-language – succeed as citizen voices.

Despite being a for-profit, Hispanicize will also continue to provide the Latino community organizations with in-depth initiatives that serve and empower them.  Our national Latino Social Media For Social Good program, for example, provides unprecedented full day communications and social media training to non-profits serving Latino communities in eight major cities starting in June.  This major initiative is foundational to who we are and what we will continue to be.

Manny Ruiz

Hispanicize will not shy from our commitment to provide marketers with the facts and resources they need to make informed decisions about Latino social media.  We do not pretend for one second to have all the answers but we won’t allow that to stop us from examining the issues and trends that impact Latino social media.

The Latino social media space is maturing and will mature.  People have suggested that one party or another has preposteriously claimed they “own” this space.  I hadn’t heard that until recently but what’s interesting is that we have deliberately it seems to me that if our recent conference didn’t promote unity, collaboration and partnership in our community in the fullest way possible with many of the leading social media voices in attendance in one place at one time, nothing else can.

One last thought – Hispanicize is growing and evolving so don’t put us in a box.  We will continue to change and we will try new and innovative things.  Some will succeed and others won’t.  Hispanicize doesn’t have the corner on the best ideas by a long shot but we will put big ideas in motion and we will collaborate with many of you along the way.  In this long and ongoing process, we hope you will judge us by the fruit of our labor.

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