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Well, that didn’t take long.

As the Twitter stream started buzzing on December 23 about the controversy surrounding Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, the NY Times best-selling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club who claims that the TV adaptation of her book series is racist, the mega-influential Perez Hilton posted his thoughts about it earlier on Christmas Eve.

After calling out excerpts from Valdes-Rodriguez’s blog, Hillton closes his blog with this statement:

We’d be angry too! The book had so much appeal and the TV script just sounds like another “Hollywood” stereotype.

During the night of Christmas Eve, Twitter was active with links to Hilton’s site and the tweeting continues. Here is the latest #AlisaValdes search stream.

In the meantime, Valdes-Rodriguez continues to tweet about the controversy. Encanto Productions, owned by Ann Lopez (the ex-wife of comedian George Lopez), has the television rights for the adaptation of The Dirty Girls Social Club. In her posts, Valdes-Rodriguez alleges that the writer hired by Encanto, Luisa Leschin, left Valdes-Rodriguez “offended and disgusted by the stereotypes, racism, sexism and general idiocy this writer brought to the material.” For a more detailed summary, visit Latino Racism: Hollywood and Alisa Valdes-Rodríguez.

The tweets in Valdes-Rodriguez’s Twitter stream on December 24 show that she is putting up a social media fight, and people are responding.

Earlier in the day, she began with this tweet that made reference to Ann Lopez:

Two hours after that, she made reference to the Hilton post and said “Merry Xmas, Judas.”

One hour after, she thanked Hilton’s Twitter account.

Right after that tweet, Valdes-Rodriguez hinted that more posts will be coming from her about the TV adaptation script:

Since this issue has been shared on Twitter, Valdes-Rodriguez’s account has begun to show an increase in Twitter followers and we definitely think she will continue to trend up, where she will almost double her follower rate in less than two weeks, according to TwitterCounter.

As for Ann Lopez and Encanto Productions? We have not seen a statement anywhere posted on the web, nor have we found a Twitter account for her.

We will continue to report more as we hear about it on Twitter.

UPDATE, January 1, 2011: The Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez blog posts referred to here no longer appear on her site. Valdes-Rodriguez hinted that certain blog posts would very likely be deleted in accordance to the statement she published at Please Respect NBC.

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