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In response to the news about how a lesson about illegal aliens was shared with 3rd grades students in a George public school, the developer, EdHelper.com, responded to our request to an interview about this matter:

Thank you for contacting edHelper about the immigration article.  We have received a lot of feedback on this article and the question that was discussed we felt was in poor judgment and has been removed from our website.  The main goal of the article was to teach comprehension and also that people need permission before going to another country.

edHelper has over 50 articles that tries to teach about immigration in the United States (http://edhelper.com/immigration.htm).


We find this statement a little vague in its explanation and we have emailed them with the following request:

I would like more information about this since I think your statement here does not address the main issue as to the sensitivity of this lesson. Can someone in your office contact me via email?

Thank you.



If we get a more detailed reply, we will share.


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As Georgia debates Arizona-style anti-immigration bills that have led to demonstrations in Atlanta this week, a more curious story out of a Gwinnett Country Elementary School in Duluth brought the debate to the reading homework of a third-grade classroom.

The following video from Atlanta’s Channel 11 reports how Kelly Avalos discovered a worksheet entitled “What Is an Illegal Alien?” in her brother’s homework.


The worksheet, distributed by EdHelper.com, also contained the following multiple choice question:

What does the U.S. do with illegal aliens?

A. The U.S. puts them to work in the army.
B. The U.S. shoots them into outer space.
C. The U.S. puts them to death.
D. The U.S. sends them back where they came from.

Even though Gwinnett County is looking into the incident, Channel 11 did report the following: “Quintana said the teacher in question has only been teaching for a year. Ironically, the student’s family said the teacher is Hispanic.”


Web page of the Illegal Alien lesson developed by EdHelper.com

As for EdHelper.com, the actual Illegal Alien lesson can be found on this link, although you must be a paid subscriber to access the content. We did contact EdHelper tonight for a comment, and we will share once we hear back from them.

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