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So convenient of Puerto Rico’s #1 TV Show, to admit it ignored basic journalism protocol and screwed up AFTER THE FACT.

Bochinche my ass. CANCEL YOUR SHOW!

WAPA’s SuperXClusivo—a news, entertainment, and gossip show hosted by a FREAKING PUPPET—has gone on record to say that they knew the the John McCain story where the Arizona senator questions the US citizenship of Dallas Maverick and Puerto Rican start José Juan Barea was a HOAX even when they broadcast it.

Funny they should say that, since even though their producers assured us that the actual clip where LA COMAY (whose creator makes over 3 million dollars a year) reports the McCain story as true is not on the show’s official website.

We talked with José, one of the show’s assistant producers, who said that even though SuperXClusivo realized after the fact that the story was fake, the show should not be singled out, since other outlets reported the same story (FYI: a quick Google news search of the original story confirmed that no major Puerto Rican media outlet picked up the original story.)

“Everyone in Puerto Rico thought it was a real story, but then everyone realized that it was a joke,” José said to us over the weekend via a phone call to the SuperXClusivo show. “All the Puerto Rican press reported it as a serious story, it wasn’t just SuperXClusivo. If you think we are the only ones who didn’t check out the story, then you have to tell that to the entire Puerto Rican press. It’s not just us that ran with the story.”

Yeah, JJ, we feel the same way about LA COMAY

So, once again, the puppet thinks she is better than all the others.

The fact remains: SuperXClusivo treated a fake story as if it were news. They lacked BASIC JOURNALISM SKILLS. Viewers thought the story was real. It wasn’t, and we were the first blog in the world to report it. Eventually, SuperXClusivo admitted it was a hoax, but we think the damage had already been done.

To the island of Puerto Rico, WHY DO YOU KEEP WATCHING THIS SHOW? WAKE UP!!!!


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First of all, whoever thought of the post is brilliant. Yes, just hours after Arizona Senator John McCain hinted that some of the latest Arizona wildfires were caused by illegal immigrants, a fake Internet blog post had McCain demanding that Dallas Mavericks NBA star José Juan Barea prove that he was indeed a US citizen.

Only problem, the story is fake, appearing in some unverifiable sites that just seemed to pick up the story as is, which is even more brilliant. And here it is:

After fanning a virtual wildfire on Saturday with his comments on actual wildfires – “there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally,” Arizona Senator John McCain again made headlines today with some “heated” statements regarding the NBA’s Miami basketball franchise. Providing no evidence or reason whatsoever to back up his claims, McCain stated that illegal immigrants are “distracting us all” from doing our jobs as Americans.

“The elimination of Lebron James and the Miami heat from the NBA playoffs last week is yet another chilling example of illegals crossing our borders, snatching our health care, and eliminating our beloved sports teams from title contention. When will the madness end? And at what cost?”

McCain continued, “If you want me to believe that J.J. Barea is a citizen of this fine country, have him send some proof to my office. You don’t learn to speak Spanish that effectively in our school systems. That I guarantee.”

José Juan “J.J.” Barea, the feisty, Puerto Rican-born backup point guard for the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, played an integral role in penetrating the outmatched Heat’s interior defense. When asked to comment about McCain’s rant, Barea quipped, “You know, I would have thought he was a Mavericks fan.”

Yup, this is a HOAX.



But we gotta give the person who did this KUDOS, because the freakin annoying puppet from Puerto Rico, the #1 rated La Comay (a puppet!) reported the news on their show. Ha! Yes, not only do you bring up the fact that Puerto Ricans are indeed US Citizens (see 1917, yeah a crazy year), you also got La Comay to report it as if it were news.

BRAVO, we are not worthy.

PS The Puerto Rican Press FINALLY reported this hoax on June 24 at around 3pm EST. 

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