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In an effort to change the momentum garnered by Whose Foods?, a group formed by Jamaica Plan residents against the opening of a new Whole Foods store in the Hyde Park section of this venerable Boston neighborhood, a new site and online petition called JP for All/JP para todos was formed last Monday. As of Sunday morning, the petition—which is directed to the neighborhood’s political representatives, including Boston Mayor Tom Menino—has garnered over 300 signatures.

The site’s Facebook page posted the following earlier today:

We now have over 200 City of Boston supporters of a JP for All! 319 signatures = 213 from Massachusetts which includes 204 from the City of Boston of which 187 are Jamaica Plain residents! 69 are anonymous and 37 from outside of Massachusetts.

We applaud this page for the following reasons:

  • The rhetoric between neighbors was getting ugly. Someone had to express a more respectful and positive tone.
  • The page has been very transparent on social media since Thursday, keeping followers updated with progress on the petition, as the above post confirms.
  • With news that Latino grocery stores are interested in moving to Hyde Square, not only will this move neutralize the loss of the Hi-Lo in the community, it will also diversify JP even more. All of a sudden, Hyde Square will get two new grocery stores. A win-win, in our opinion.

The full text of the petition can be read here:

JP for All supports a diverse and vibrant Jamaica Plain


I am writing to advocate for a strong and welcoming Jamaica Plain that includes a Hyde/Jackson Square residential and retail district that reflects the full diversity of the community.

I support retail businesses that serve all of the people of JP and help make JP a destination for peoples of every culture and background.

I support the arrival of Whole Foods Market at 415 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain and we advocate for the opening of a Latin grocer or co-op in this neighborhood that will be able to serve the needs of those JP residents and others who shopped at Hi-Lo.

I believe that Whole Foods and a Latin grocer are not mutually exclusive ventures, but businesses that can co-exist and benefit each other in a neighborhood as diverse as Hyde/Jackson Square.

I believe that businesses in and of themselves do not define a neighborhood but instead reflect the community they serve, particularly a community as unique as JP.

I expect all businesses in Hyde/Jackson Square and in JP to show that their doors are open to all, not just those who agree with them, look like them, or speak their language.

I know that the only way to ensure a strong future for this community we love is to ensure a Jamaica Plain for All!

[Your name]


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