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As Publish grows by offering content development for publishers, schools, teachers, students, and parents, we truly feel like we are doing the right thing, especially when we get reviews from actual users. Today, Publish (follow us on Twitter @PublishGroup got such a review for its work with Green Comma and AARTPACK on the Sonia Sotomayor Digital Lessons.


My Latino Voice says about the lessons:

“But these classroom-ready lessons aren’t the old click-print-and fill-in-the-blanks kind. They’re more like a Sotomayor Trivial Pursuit of sorts for the web. The lessons take key moments from the judge’s life – from her childhood to the historic confirmation – and turn those person details into questions in the areas of Social Studies, Reading and Language Arts, Math and Science in elementary, middle and high school.” Sotomayor’s diabetic condition, for example, makes up the Science questions.

Okay, so we know it’s for kids, teachers, and parents. But we love the clean design, and the game-like approach, and we’re sure everyone will want to use it, especially since the interactive lessons are free during Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Thank you so much, My Latino Voice! ¡Gracias mil!

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